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Because of my previous employment, I’m still drawn to prominent ebusiness news, especially if it’s related to sports. That’s why I’m drawn to this Rashad Evans video. It looks like it could be an add for the new Microsoft Bing search engine, although, there’s nothing in the video that says “Bing.” However, considering Evans’ previous ties to Microsoft, the fact the video/commercial asks about search engines, which coincides with Bing’s launch, assumptions are pretty safe at this point.

Conversely, Bing has been so adamant and aggressive with their branding, it’s hard to believe they’d pass on the chance to let everyone know what it is that’s being marketed here. Seeing how the video has strong MMA ties, it has already made the rounds pretty thoroughly over in that part of the blogosphere. I found this one over at MMA Scraps.

Oh, and like Dagoosh pointed out, if Evans represents Bing, I’m guessing Lyoto Machida is Google.