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Posts Tagged ‘LSU Tigers’

Les Miles’ Balls Are Bigger Than Yours

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Les Miles Balls

Time to recycle this LSUFreek gem — he has another one for this very game — because after the end of the Florida/LSU game, is there anything more apt to describe how Les Miles’ brain works? The fake field goal flip/fumble-rooski/insanity that spawned from Miles’ brain was one of the best endings to a college football game I’ve ever seen.

Sure, the Boise State/Oklahoma ending was probably more significant, but it wasn’t anywhere near as chaotic as what Les Miles’ concocted. I mean, who, in their right mind, conjures up something like this:

To say “that’s not how you draw it up” is a complete and utter understatement for what we just saw. Something like: “You are a crazy motherf***er, Les, but My God, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t ever change, you magnificent bastard.” is more apt. The fact that it took the review booth over four minutes to reach a decision on the flip-fumble-lateral thing shows just how magnificent it was.

The average-Joe human mind couldn’t comprehend what it had just witnessed, so taking four-plus minutes allowing it to digest and articulate what it saw is understandable.

This, folks, is what you get when Les Miles’ brain starts churning. Not only was the fake field goal a call worthy of the all time “Balls of Fame” designation, the pass play to Terrence Toliver that directly followed it was just as important; almost as much as Toliver’s great end zone catch that gave LSU the lead.

In case you missed, geauxTlGERS has posted the last part of the game, from the fake field goal to Toliver’s game-winner. If you missed it, it’s worth the watch; all nine-plus minutes:

That, folks, is how one coaches football with balls on the brain — and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

LSU Goes Full Purple

LSU Purple Field

When football kicks off in Baton Rogue this fall, the fans at Tiger Stadium will have something new to cheer about: An all-purple field done in a Boise State manner. Not only is the new field being installed for aesthetic purposes, it also promises faster, more responsive group of LSU Tiger football players. Is this just an April Fool’s hoax? Read on and decide for yourself.

When asked about the purple field and its effects on performance, a member of LSU’s training staff offered these observations:

“It is definitely faster than anything I’ve ever seen in my 14 years of conditioning,” Tiny Gampshone, the junior executive strength and conditioning coach said. “It is really going to prompt muscle confusion in the other team as the brain wants to run on a green surface.”

Not only will the field — with all its purple badness — improve performance for LSU, it also provides a competitive edge when visiting teams come to Death Valley. If the brain expects green turf, only to find a much more drastic color, it can yield interesting results as opposing teams try to digest mentally what it is they are seeing.

As expected, Coach Les Miles is on board with anything that would give his team such an advantage:

“It’s now time to expand the traditions that surround our football program,” LSU head coach Les Miles said. “LSU is going to take the lead in what we think will become the wave of the future and that’s field turf in the colors of your school. The installation of the purple field turf will add to the excitement of a Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium and this team will enjoy the opportunity to play on what will be the finest surface in football.”

I’m guessing Prince will be doing the National Anthem honors when Tiger Stadium officially unveils their purple field.

Nick Saban’s Anger is Beautiful

If violent outbursts of anger caused by SEC football can be categorized as “beautiful,” it will be because of Nick Saban and his awesome ability to emote. I mean, just look at the video. That’s some quality frustration expulsion right there. That’s what happens if an Alabama quarterback throws a really ill-advised pass — they’ll suffer the Wrath of Saban. Fortunately for those offending quarterbacks, their coach expresses himself in such a beautiful fashion, they’ll no doubt feel like they are getting a healthy dose of tough love.

In other news, will Les Miles say anything about this play, and risk the Wrath of Slive, something that’s not quite as beautiful as Saban rage?

If I was Miles, I think I could afford a $30,000 fine (I’m using Urban Meyer’s punishment as a baseline) in order to get a point about just how bad SEC officiating has been this season.

H/t to the LWS crew for the Saban video.

Bradford To Play, Tebow Gamtime Decision

Sam Bradford
The two biggest mysteries heading into this weekend’s slate of college football is the status of Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. As we eluded to earlier, Bradford is indeed going to play against Baylor tomorrow. It will be his first action since he damaged his shoulder against BYU. As for the Tebow situation, he hasn’t been cleared by Florida’s doctors as of yet. He is, however, flying with the team to Baton Rogue, and won’t be completely ruled out — or in for that matter — until tomorrow.

In regards to the Sooners, they probably would’ve handled Baylor quite easily with hair-lipped Landry Jones, but Bradford wants game experience before next week’s mega-showdown with Texas. I’m curious to see how effective Bradford will be without his favorite target, Jermaine Gresham. Not only does Gresham’s absence loom, leading wide receiver Ryan Broyles is also out with a leg injury. While Bradford’s return will indeed be welcomed with open arms, the Sooners offense has a lot of question marks, and apparently, a growing chorus of doubters.

A reasonable approach, considering the Sooners didn’t field the most prolific offense ever in college football last season. Oh, wait.

As for Tebow and the Gators, if there’s not enough evidence he is healthy enough to play by now, he probably shouldn’t. Perhaps the Scot Brantley tale in today’s could ease their decision.

Of course, it could be just simple gamesmanship from the Gators, but then again, using a brain injury as a ruse is a tad unbecoming.

Considering the delicate nature of brain trauma — granted, I’m no doctor — if his status has been a “No” at any time this week, especially since Wednesday, then there’s no reason for Tebow to play and risk further, perhaps even debilitating injury. It’s not like a day or two is going to make a monumental difference, at least when it comes to deciding between these two choices: “Yes you can take headshots” or, “Hell no, you can’t.”

They could always wrap him a bubble and hope LSU doesn’t try and pop it.

How Is This A Penalty?

Orson addressed this with a little more eloquence than I will, but how in the world is A.J. Green’s touchdown “celebration” considered unsportsmanlike conduct? Let’s review the circumstances: Georgia is trailing LSU late in the fourth quarter and driving for a go-ahead score. A win over the Tigers would help legitimize a Bulldogs team, while vaulting them directly in the middle of the SEC Championship Game chase. And then, with about a minute left in the game, quarterback Joe Cox finds A.J. Green, perhaps the best player in the SEC in end zone, throws it and Green makes yet another spectacular play look easy by catching the jump ball in traffic and coming down for the score.

More on unnecessary penalties after the jump >>

Don’t You Ever Change, LSU Fans

Here’s some more fuel for our “LSU Fans are Awesome” meme, courtesy of a Tiger fan who decided a good buzz wasn’t quite enough at what I’m assuming was the tailgate party for the UL-Lafayette game this past Saturday. The reason I think it was LSU’s most recent game is because the video was uploaded yesterday. Anyway, instead of settling on getting tipsy (erbody in the club), the Tiger fan in question decided he’d power directly past “tipsy” into the land of full-on “shit-faced-ness.”

The results are full of win, provided you don’t know or aren’t related to our tailgating victim. I’m betting that if you walked up to Mr Passed Out to, he wouldn’t be able to tell you the final score, or even if he made inside Tiger Stadium unscathed.

I do, however, enjoy his female companion’s approach to his passed out plight: This is the perfect situation to capture for Facebook!!!

H/t to SbB for the find.

Introducing Your College Baseball Overlords

LSU Tigers

The LSU Tigers are your college baseball champions, and man, Les Miles certainly enjoyed it. Hey, at least he didn’t jinx them like he did in Game 2. Here’s the final out and the awesome dog pile that followed. Oh, and Coach Mainieri’s attractive wife and daughter (I’m assuming) make an appearance as well.

After the jump >>

That’s One Way To Get Your Point Across (March Madness)

Give the Bird

Saw this during the Kentucky/LSU game, which is going on as I type. I’m not sure who the referee is, but I admire the way Tony Greene points things out to the people watching. Nice choice of pointing digits, there, Mr. Zebra. He’s either pointing to the sidelines or letting those who notice his bird what he thinks of today’s events. Or, he could be letting Trent Johnson — the coach at the other end of the court, the direction the finger is pointing at — that he doesn’t approve of any sideline criticisms.

Hey, at least he didn’t tackle any South Carolina quarterbacks.