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Posts Tagged ‘Louisville Cardinals’

Bruiser Flint Zings The Louisville Cardinals

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Bruiser Flint

Apparently, Drexel is working hard in an effort to make themselves my second favorite college basketball team. First they upset Louisville in their house, something that pleased Rick Pitino to no end, and then, head coach Bruiser Flint offered this little gem:

Maybe the lowpoint for Louisville on Tuesday night came via Drexel coach Bruiser Flint, who told’s Jeff Goodman after the game how he motivated his team.

“I told them, ‘We’re not playing against Kentucky,’” Flint said. “‘We can win this game.’”


Granted, as my buddy Jim pointed out (@BigBakedBean), Flint’s comments were probably referencing last season’s Drexel game against Kentucky, the one that resulted in UK’s 2000th win, but nevertheless, and intended or not, it’s still a blast most Louisville fans would rather do without.

Rick Pitino Denies New Jersey Nets Interest

Rick Pitino

There were reports going around the WWL this morning that Louisville head coach Rick Pitino put feelers out, expressing interest in the head coach for the New Jersey Nets. Needless to say, Kentucky fans took this bit of news with lots of glee. Unfortunately for fellow members of the Big Blue Nation, it looks like those reports were false — it’s either that or Pitino was put off by the fact the rumblings were made public.

While rejecting the idea, Pitino offered these thoughts to ESPN’s Pat “4D” Forde:

“I have no interest, period,” Pitino said Thursday. “I’m done with coaching professional basketball. I’ve put the professional ranks behind me.”

Sounds pretty definitive.

Pitino’s comments have been supported by Nets’ president, Rod Thorn, who also denied the rumors. So for now, it looks like Ricky, Ricky, Ricky is staying in “The Ville” for the time being. Apparently, Pitino’s keen to be apart of the opening of the brand-spanking-new $250 million arena designed for the Cardinals’ men and women’s basketball teams.

Of course, there could be other, unspoken reasons why Pitino doesn’t want to go help the New Jersey Nets. Fixing a team that’s managed a mere four games (out of 52) is no easy task, and I wouldn’t blame any coach for shying away from such a project. Then again, the amazing attendance numbers could be just the thing to sway even the most stubborn coach’s mind.

Nets Fans

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be apart of such undying support?

Of course, if the Nets put a better product on the floor… As you can see, it’s a vicious circle, one that Rick Pitino wants nothing to do with — at least until the Cardinals’ season is over.

Kids Love Stomping on the Louisville Cardinals Logo

Following up on a post The Dagger made yesterday about Kentucky basketball players stomping the Louisville Cardinals center court logo, it seems the Wildcats players weren’t the only ones to get in on the fun. While John Calipari was a little disappointed his players took part in the stomping — “we do dumb things” — I have to think even he would’ve smiled at the young Wildcats fans doing the same.

I mean, you have to start them early, right?

Make sure you pay attention to the preamble for the lead video. It is truly awe-inspiring. Only in Kentucky would stomping on a rivals’ logo be equated to Biblical scripture.

In other news, considering all the stomping going on, not to mention Kentucky’s less-than-capacity crowd for last night’s game against UNC Asheville (Kentucky was making their yearly journey to Freedom Hall for one of their “home” games), it wouldn’t be surprising if this yearly journey — not including the actual game against the Cardinals — might be put on hold for a year or two.

Introducing the Ugliest Court in America

Ugly Court

What we have here is the basketball court from the Scottrade Center, which hosted the Basketball Hall of Fame Showcase doubleheader. While the games weren’t all they were cracked up to be (an underhanded Arkansas got ran by Louisville, while Kansas and Memphis showed us why the season probably starts a little too early), because of its sheer ugliness, the basketball court wound up being more of a story than the games themselves.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, either.

In fact, the court was so bad, I couldn’t stop commenting on it over at Storming the Floor’s marathon chat session. At one point, I threw out a new rule, saying, if your team doesn’t have orange in its uniform or its school colors, the color orange should be banned from adorning college basketball courts. Not only was the color scheme, well, bad, it looked like the advertisements/logos on the court seemed to be screaming “NOTICE ME!!!” All in all, I’m sure it contributed to the overall poor play that was on display. In fact, the only team that thrived in the Scottrade Center was Louisville. The three other teams looked like they had no business playing organized basketball at this point in the season.

Don’t get me wrong, Memphis/Kansas was fun simply because it was a close game. However, if you ask either coach, I doubt very seriously either one of them would be pleased with the way their team played, especially on offense. Two teams as talented as Kansas and Memphis should be scoring more than 57 and 55 respectively. If it was me, I’d blame the court and its Halloween-inspired color scheme.

College Basketball Is Closer Than You Think

Today’s date is September 17, 2009, and in exactly two months, November 17, 2009, something greater than you or I happens:

College basketball returns.

Naturally, ESPN will be all over it, offering 24-hours of coverage. The idea alone, even if Kentucky is not on the WWL’s opening day schedule, is enough to make one giddy with anticipation. Here’s the upcoming schedule, which, if you are a college basketball, should read like what happens when you get to heaven.

After the jump >>

Billy Gillispie Continues to Win in Kentucky

Billy Gillispie

The most celebrated Kentucky basketball coach this side of Adolph Rupp has given us reason to celebrate once again. The coach a lot of people stupidly referred to as “Billy Clyde” or “Coach Clyde” (Seriously, WTF? You come off sounding like a complete tool.) was arrested — still in Kentucky for some reason — for an alleged DUI. Gillispie was pulled over near Frankfort, and after refusing a breathalyzer, he was escorted to the Franklin County Detention Center. This is Gillispie’s third arrest for alcohol-related driving offenses, although, one set of charges was dropped.

Of course, that doesn’t change the Gillispie was caught driving the wrong way down a one-way street four years after his first DUI-related charge, one he plead guilty to, although, those charges were reduced.

Thanks to LEX18, we have some video of Gillispie’s further fall from grace: After the jump >>

Relishing Pitino’s Misery

Weeks Late

In light of Rick Pitino’s admissions concerning the Karen Sypher story, allow me to relay a little lesson I’ve learned: If you want to find the best reactions when it comes to a Kentucky-related story, turn to Kentucky fans, something the lead image shows very well. Granted, the mock-up of the “Miles Ahead” billboard (originally found here) is pretty tasteless, but it goes a long way in capturing the kinds of reactions Pitino’s confession elicited.

Fan reaction to the Pitino news after the jump >>

Louisville = Twitter Victim

Kragthorpe Tweet

Steve Kragthorpe, head coach of the Louisville Cardinals football team, is an apparent victim of a fake Twitter account, and sure enough, Erin Andrews is somehow involved. Thanks to a great find by Busted Coverage, (via the Courier-Journal), we know about Kragthorpe’s affection for EA’s infamous (and illegal) video.

Or do we?

Continue reading about Louisville’s Twitter follies after the jump >>