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Posts Tagged ‘Los Angeles Lakers’

Dwyane Wade and the NBA Goggle Club

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The Exclusive NBA Goggle Club

The Goggle Club in the NBA is a very exclusive collection. Only a few choice individuals have the opportunity for election into this group, but they recently enshrined a new member, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. (Granted it was just a temporary selection because of his migraines, but he’s a member nonetheless) In honor of his selection, here is a quick rundown of my favorite goggles in the NBA.

Kurt Rambis
Rambis, the Godfather of Goggles, was a key member of 4 Los Angeles Lakers championship teams during the 80s. He even earned the nickname “Superman” from the Lakers’ announcers because of his Clark Kent like appearance. His all-out effort won over fans and players alike, and his work ethic and basketball knowledge led to his being named head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, official team of NUMB#RS cologne, and potential All-Star Kevin Love.

Rambis makes this list over fellow Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar because Rambis wins the acting tie-breaker, though Kareem in Airplane was pretty good.

NBA Goggle Club members after the jump >>

Kobe Lets His Inner Solider Out

Kobe Bryant is part of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops marketing blitz, and their newest commercial is pretty damn cool. The idea is, of course, these are game-players, seeing themselves in their avatar’s skin, running around trying to frag other noobs, and it’s executed brilliantly.

However, considering the fact Kobe’s brandishing military armament, affectionately named “Mamba,” there’s already some backlash, or the fear thereof.

Folks, it’s an M-rated game and Kobe is over 18.

The Lakers New Bling

Justin Bieber

The Los Angeles Lakers got their rings last night, and they’re pretty impressive, truth be told. Justin Bieber liked it, so that has to count for something, right. Being the franchise’s 16th championship ring, the bar on the design was set pretty high, and it delivered, provided championship rings are your thing. The ring, besides being bespeckled in “regular-sized” diamonds, it also features 16 oversized diamonds, representing each of the Lakers championships.

There’s also pieces of the basketball used in Game 7 of last season’s finals. explains further:

The uniqueness of it has to do with a piece of leather from the game ball from Game 7 of the finals, which was attached to the base of each one. The front features a circumference of 16 oversized white diamonds representing the franchise’s 16 NBA titles, and two championship trophies made of 16k gold. On one side is a three-dimensional likeness of the player receiving it.

So yeah, I think “bling” is the appropriate word here” Anyway, more pics:

Lakers Championship Ring

Lakers Championship Ring

Lakers Championship Ring

Oh, shiny!!!

The Lakers also avoided the Championship Ring reception letdown by beating a game Houston Rockets squad, 112-110, thanks, in large part, the surprising shooting ability of Steve Blake.

And with that, the NBA is officially back.

The Lakers Got Globetrotter’d

As David Stern continues to spread his NBA seed across Europe, games like last night’s LA Lakers/FC Barcelona match-up are more and more common. What’s not common, however, is watching an NBA team — A World Champs NBA team no less — get treated like they were the Washington Generals, at least, during one play. The ball movement on display in the above video reminds me of a weave drill from a practice session; that is, with no defense.

While it was Fran Vazquez who finished the play with a nice dunk, the passing that set Vazquez up was world-class, and very Harlem Globetrotter-esqe.

Surprisingly, Barcelona wound up beating the Lakers, 92-88. Granted, one could assume the Lakers weren’t into the game, but then again, if that was the case, why did Phil Jackson play his squad big minutes? Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom got over 30 minutes of clock, while Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest and Derek Fisher logged 25 minutes or more.

One more thing: 2-15, Kobe? Really? What’s the matter? Too much fantasizing about having Michael Jordan on your team?

Oh, That, Too

Lakers 5th

I guess, as a sports blog, I should acknowledge the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Boston Celtics last night for their 16th banner.

There, done.

Mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. While I normally ignore that, today, mom’s right. Congratulations to the Lakers. If you want analysis, go read Ball Don’t Lie or Basketbawful. I’m basketball’d out for now.

Christina Aguilera Will Repeat National Anthem

Christina Aguilera

Evidently, the Los Angeles Lakers believe in things like luck and superstition. What else would explain them inviting Christina Aguilera back to re-perform the National Anthem for Game 7? Granted, her Game 6 performance was awesome but still. It’s obvious the Lakers like the vibe her singing provided — or maybe she’s to blame for the Celtics playing like such garbage. Either way, the Lakers are trying to re-capture whatever bottled lightening Aguilera’s Anthem provided.

Aguilera’s National Anthem after the jump >>

Damn, Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown

Get up, son. And boy, did he.

While Brown may not have evolved into the NBA player some thought, and while he hasn’t contributed much to the Lakers against the Celtics (6 points, 2 points, 4 points, 5 points, 0 points and 4 points in six Finals games so far), the man can jump. High. Really, really high. And while he may not have contributed anything more than two baskets (two rebounds and assists as well), it’s doubtful you’ll see a prettier four points scored, maybe ever.

Oh, and Game 7, ya’ll. It’s hard to get much better than that, at least, sports-wise.

After the jump, Brown throws down >>

California Believes In The Lakers

ESPN SportsNation Vote

Unfortunately, the rest of the nation — save about 140 people in Nevada — don’t share the same confidence in Team Kobe (and Pau). Obviously, the latest SportsNation poll features a combination of overreaction to one game, while doing a good job of showing where the homer state are, Massachusetts and California not included. Oddly enough, the aforementioned Massachusetts had a 90-10 percentage split of who voted for the Celtics over the Lakers.

Meanwhile, the California split was only 69-31 for the Lakers, suggesting the laid-back West Coasters aren’t as confident or relaxed about the Lakers’ chances like they were after Game 1.

On the opposite side of the country, it’s fairly obvious Massachusetts residents were moved and motivated by Paul Pierce’s announcement of his upcoming travel plans.

Ain’t overreaction grand?