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Posts Tagged ‘Los Angeles Clippers’

Eric Bledsoe’s Block Party

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With the Los Angeles Clippers playing something that resembles respectable basketball — Winner of three games in a row. Shocking, isn’t it? — and all of the accolades going to Blake Griffin’s assault on NBA rims, there are some other youngsters who are contributing for the Clip-Joint as well. Names like DeAndre Jordan, Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Gordon come to mind, but after last night’s block party against the Miami Heat, if you haven’t heard of Eric Bledsoe, you might want to familiarize yourself.

Bledsoe had two impressive blocks last night, including one of King “I Didn’t Direct Tweet That About Karma at Cleveland” James, which leads this post, and a nasty chase-down block of Mario Chalmers.

Eric Bledsoe’s block of Mario Chalmers after the jump >>

Blake Griffin Makes Me Shake My Head

While your fearless leader continues his transition to being a Kentucky resident once again, here’s a reminder of why this blog is such a fan of Blake ****ing Griffin. The word “beast” is overused in sports, much like most adjectives in the sports world, but it if there’s ever been a walking definition of what that word means in relation to athletes and their accomplishments, Blake Griffin does just that.

More on Griffin after the jump >>

Blake Griffin: Still Dunking

While his Los Angeles Clippers continue to lose (1-11), their prized rookie continues to do what he does best: dunk on anyone silly enough to get in his way. His latest victim? Anthony Tolliver, center for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Before Griffin’s career is all said and done, I honestly think Blake Griffin will have dunked on every living member residing in the United States.

You. Me. My mom. Your mom. Obama. His successor. All of us.

And we’d all be better for it, too.

Considering the struggles Griffin is facing as a Clipper, one wonders if he’ll opt for the LeBron/Dwyane Wade style of restricted free agent extension instead of signing for the max? That way, he’ll be able to get away from that moribund franchise and do something good with his basketball ability. Of course, Griffin could be a glutton for punishment and feel that he, along with Erics Gordon and Bledsoe, can change the fortunes of LA’s second basketball team.

Blake Griffin Dunks on Everybody

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin’s mission in life is to dunk on every living being on the planet. Well, maybe not, but he certainly plays like it. Granted, he’s only been in the league for five official games, but he’s already got a list of “I just crushed your face” victims. The latest being Nenad Krstic of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I guess you could say Krstic got thunder-struck. Yeah, I went there.

Bad puns aside, Griffin had two highlight-worthy dunks against the Thunder, and as a bonus, they came in the Clippers’ first win of the season:

After the jump >>

Eric Gordon, All Up In Your Grill

Oh me, oh my is right.

Eric Gordon got loose a couple of times against the San Antonio Spurs, and although the Clip-joint lost, the talented guard provided two highlight moments. The first one, in the lead video, is clearly the best of the two, but the second one is also view-worthy. Yay, basketball.

This has been Eric Gordon. All up in your grill.

Blake Griffin Makes A Splash

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin was worth the wait. That’s what anyone who watched his official NBA debut last night should come away thinking. While the LA Clippers ultimately lost to the Portland Trail Blazers, knowing their potential super-stud power forward looks like the real deal should help salve some of those opening night wounds. And hell, this is the Clippers we’re talking about. As for Griffin, he wasted no time making his presence known by throwing down a nasty alley-opp for the first basket of NBA career.

Griffin finished the game with 20 points and 14 rebounds in 39 minutes of play. I’m guessing his knee is fully healed. Oh, and four assists were a pleasant surprise, as well. Now he just needs some consistent help from his teammates.

For instance, Chris Kaman would do well to avoid anymore 4-18 shooting nights. In fact, Eric Gordon and Rasual Butler were the only other two Clippers crack the double-digit mark in scoring. Further, besides Gordon and Griffin, the rest of the Clippers starters only shot 8-35 collectively. That clearly needs to be improved.

Since I can’t regale you with tales of Griffin’s first NBA win, I’ll just show you the other dunk he had. It, too, did not disappoint.

Welcome to the NBA (again), rook.

My Man Crush On Blake Griffin Continues

One-handed dunk finishes of alley-oop passes have a way of doing that.

While the rest of the Western Conference thought they were free from a power forward dunking all over them, with Amare’ in NYC, the emergence of Griffin means, “Not so fast, my friends.” Out with old blood and in with the new, apparently.

I can’t stress enough how much I hope he stays healthy, but it’s hard to be confident considering the franchise he’s currently playing for.

H/t to TBJ for the find.

I Hope Blake Griffin Stays Healthy

Blake Griffin

Yes, I’m aware of the caveats of preseason glory, but if Blake Griffin performs anywhere near the numbers he’s posting thus far, while remaining injury, the John Wall/Rookie of the Year coronation may not happen as expected. Don’t get me wrong, I fully expect Wall to dazzle, but if any rookie consistently posts a 15 and 12 stat line, it would be hard to overtake them. Griffin is, of course, returning from a knee injury that robbed him of his rookie season, and with the specter of the Curse of the Clippers hanging over him, it’s hard to be confident he’ll succeed where so many other Clipper high draft picks have not.

Just ask Danny Manning, among others.

Because of that, I’m hesitant to even enjoy his return to action, but the his athletic ability and the way he finishes at the rim pretty much makes that impossible. Yes, he can still dunk the ball like a beast:

Video after the jump >>