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Happy March Madness Day!!!

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Norm Sloan

Good morning, folks. Norm Sloan and I would like to remind you what today is, as if you didn’t know. Today is the first day of the rest of your bracket’s life. If you haven’t already, join in the IF Bacon Explosion Challenge — that is, if you want to win a golden achievement in bacon recipes. We’ll be back in about two hours to live blog all of the festivities. Be here. We will.

A Little March Madness House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Chris here with some news: IF will be doing our second-annual March Madness live blog, starting tomorrow. I’ll be watching and commenting on all of the games going one, with the help of a couple of laptops and CBS’ MMOD service. Hopefully, I won’t be seeing too many of those nag screens. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to join the IF Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge over at ESPN.

As the name implies, the winner of this particular group gets one of these:

Bacon Explosion

If you are looking for another kind of March Madness challenge, check out what InGameNow’s got going on with their little twist. Instead of teams, you pick players. Say you want Blake Griffin. Are you confident enough to think Oklahoma will be in the tournament long enough for you to get the scoring benefit of his basketball abilities? You had better hope so because DVD prizes are at stake.

Don’t forget — live blog tomorrow and through the weekend and the Bacon Explosion bracket challenge. Our little contribution to the world of March Madness. Good luck and may all your picks come true.

NFL Draft: Please Don’t Bust On Me

Roger Goodell

The NFL is having a little get together today and we’re all going to get drafted. Or not. Who will your team pick? Will said pick make it or break it while holding the reputation of your team’s scouting efforts in the palms of their newly drafted hands? Well, that’s why we’re here.

We’ll be back when the Draft starts to giving a sounding board plus all the reactions you can handle. Stay tuned. I truly hope your team doesn’t go the Tony Mandarich/Ryan Leaf route.

11:11 (CST) – We’re still about three hours from hearing Goodell call Jake Long’s name and I’ve already seen the Nike Sparq commercial three or four times. The over/under on the total number of times it’s played during anything related to the Draft on ESPN: 1 billion.

11:15 – Did Cris Carter call Vernon Gholston the best athlete at pass rusher because they share Ohio State lineage?

1:40 – After some cleaning, we’re back for the Draft. Here’s the suspected order:

Miamuh – Jake Long
St Louie – Chris Long
Hotlanta – Matt Ryan
Oaktown – Darren McFadden

We shall see.

More NFL Draft Goodness after the jump >>

Some Housecleaning Today, Live Blogging Tomorrow and Friday

We are going to be slow-to-no posting for the rest of the day while we do some behind the scenes housecleaning. Remember, if you haven’t already, check out the Intentional Foul Yahoo Bracket Challenge. Our login info is as follows:

ID = 115876
PW = letmein

Remember, free beer* IS involved.

Also, we’ll be doing up-to-the-minute live-blogging and updating of tomorrow and Friday’s tournament activities. Drop in and give us a yell.

*The free beer will be rewarded with a payment in the amount of a case of beer of your choice… but let’s keep it reasonable and within the bounds of normalcy please. No Tutankhamen Brew or anything like that.

Live Blog: Clemens Testifies – Part Two

And we’re back with more Congressional goodness. So what did we learn from the initial session? Well, the some of the committee doesn’t believe McNamee as far as they can throw him and Roger Clemens (nor his lawyer who is not allowed to speak but does so anyway) is very ambiguous about why they interviewed his old nanny before Congress did.

Whatever the result of the meeting, she still testified Clemens was present at Canseco’s field house. The question is, how does this relate to the Clemens/Pettitte/Knoblauch troika and what McNamee allegedly gave these three (an point supported by Pettitte and Knoblauch)?

Read more after the jump ››

Live Blog: Roger Clemens Testifies

Today is Roger Clemens’ day in court and we are going to bring all the salaciousness as it happens.

Right now, we are being introduced to the proceedings by Representative Henry Waxman and he’s mainly just giving the listeners a run-down of what to expect and running down some of the previous testimony given by the parties involved. How thoughtful.

(all times are Central)

9:30 – According to Waxman’s opening statements, Pettitte also indicated Roger Clemens’ wife used HGH and Clemens was the one who told Pettitte.

9:35 – Oh, it’s all for the kids… MLB’s anti-trust exemption has nothing to do with these hearings…

9:40 – And now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Roger!

Keep reading our live blog discussing Roger Clemens testimony ››