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Serena Williams

No, this post is not a call for Serena Williams to get herself into tennis-playing shape, ala, Jason Whitlock. Instead, it’s an admiring post, one that draws attention to the reason why Serena hits such powerful shots: her amazing, cut-from-alabaster legs. Is it wrong for me to think she could actually get the rim on a dunk attempt? If her legs have any say in the matter, she just might.

If not that, perhaps she could try out as a place-kicker — the Cincinnati Bengals need some help in that department. It honestly looks like splitting the uprights with 50-yard bombs would be commonplace for Serena and her amazing legs.

As for her Wimbledon efforts, Serena and her sister were knocked out of the doubles competition, but she still has a chance to win her fourth all-grass singles title.