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I’m not a fan of toe-the-party-line, they’re-all-out-to-get-your-children mouthpieces and Sean Hannity is no different. In an apparent Obama/Hillary/McCain dead period, the conscience of America decides to turn his attentions to MMA and the trend that sees younger children participating in the Octagon.

Now, even though Nathan Orand laid out some of the safety precautions in place to protect these younger fighters (shock-resistant head gear, no hitting above the shoulder), Hannity makes it known he thinks these kids are being brutalized and exploited for the organizer’s benefit.

Never mind the fact kids of all ages have been participating in full-contact sparring Martial Arts competitions LONG before Daniel-son ever graced the big screen.

I’m guessing Hannity’s new found enlightenment comes from the fact that John McCain, someone who he will probably support in the upcoming election (sorry about your Huckabee endorsement, there Sean), thinks MMA is equal to human cockfighting.

It’s really not hard to see through his shtick once you realize he’s just trying to create a hot-button issue to support the candidate he’ll have to vote for. It certainly was nice of him to take the “The Children Are Our Future and Must Be Protected” approach.

You know, to be sure he scares all the soccer moms who don’t have the time to flip the channel to something else.

Of course, it’s important to remember Sean Hannity is the same person who dropped a thinly-veiled accusation that Obama could be an anti-Semite and a potential racist because he wouldn’t turn his back on Reverend Wright.

Ah. Isn’t using fear to spread your message a grand, grand way of doing things?

What’s next, Sean? The violence related to Pop Warner football? Well, if McCain or Bush were to speak out against it, you can certainly bet he’d take that route on his next “Scare Em All” expose’.

H/T to the Ultimate MMA Video Blog for the find.