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Posts Tagged ‘Larry Fitzgerald’

Madden 10 Cover Revealed

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Madden 10

Apparently, the folks at EA Sports don’t want either the Pittsburgh Steelers nor the Arizona Cardinals to revisit the Super Bowl next February. Why else would Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu be on the cover of Madden 10? The most popular — and perhaps most redundant (What, roster and gameplay patch updates as downloadable content is out of the question?) — sports console game maybe ever has uncovered their latest installment. This time, however, there are two players on the cover; which could be an effort to spread the dreaded Madden curse around — or to nullify it.

Either way, I don’t doubt some Steelers fans, as well as Cardinals fans, just had a slight sinking feeling. And after looking at the Snopes page for the Madden curse, documenting each and every one, it’s easy to see why. Perhaps the dual-player cover will have a different effect, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The game itself comes out on August 14, which will undoubtedly be a huge “I’m staying home and playing Madden all day” day.

Larry Fitzgerald Owns the Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl was last night — here are some ideas how to improve it — and considering all the love the regular season gets, it has to be one of the more underappreciated All Star events in pro sports. Consider this: the regular season of baseball, and basketball for that matter, is nowhere near as interesting as the NFL’s regular season — at least the sports-watching public — but the All Star games from the NBA and MLB are immensely more popular than the All Star game for the country’s most popular sport. Odd. Nevertheless, the Pro Bowl was indeed played last night and what did we learn?

Larry Fitzgerald confirmed his best receiver in the league status — the game’s MVP — althought his running mate, Anquan Boldin, apparently wants to play with Clinton Portis next season. That’s too bad for Arizona fans, because when you consider the level Fitzgerald is on, the pairing of him and Boldin would continue to give the Arizona Cardinals an unstoppable force at wide receiver.

Oh well. Let’s all go get paid instead!!!

H/t to YBB for the find.

Larry Fitzgerald is Still a Beast

His team may have lost, and his Steelers opposite might have made the incredible game-winning catch, but there’s no denying the magnificence of Larry Fitzgerald. After being held in check for the first three quarters, Fitzgerald EXPLODED in the fourth quarter with two huge touchdowns, including the one in the above video–a 64-yarder that electrified the entire Super Bowl-watching public. Even as Pittsburgh held the man-beast in check for three quarters, you knew it couldn’t last the entire game and when the fourth quarter started, Fitzgerald reminded everyone watching why he’s considered the best receiver in the NFL.

Witness the strength and ability he displayed on his first touchdown catch. The ability to jump, grab and secure the ball like Fitzgerald is a rare attribute, and he deserves to be acknowledged, win or lose.

Larry Fitzgerald Can Block Too

The most talked about wide receiver on the planet heading into the Super Bowl is undoubtedly Larry Fitzgerald. When you are the best at something in the most popular sport, it’s hard to go unnoticed. Of course, when your hand-eye coordination is as good as Fitzgerald’s, catching an oblong sphere–even when it’s at full NFL speed against opposing defenders–you’d make catching passes between two defenders look easy as well.

But Fitzgerald is not just a great catcher of the ball or a snazzy dresser, he’s a complete football player. Witness the block he lays on an opposing lineman in the lead video. Unfortunately, the quality of the file isn’t that great, but you can still see the block quite clearly, provided that is indeed Fitzgerald. The video looks like it was taken at a high school game a few years ago–based on the video quality and all–so it could very well be the receiver everyone is talking about as we get ready for Super Bowl XLIII.

For now, and until I learn differently, we’ll say it is. All the better if it helps hype up his story even more.