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Landon Donovan Broke The Internet

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Landon Donovan

Not only did Landon Donovan put himself in a position to be the leader of the free world, his extra-time World Cup-saving goal also caused such Internet traffic spikes, he single-handedly knocked Yahoo Sports off the air, Internet-wise, anyway.

Reaction to his goal also “fail-whale’d” Twitter, but that’s par for the course with that thing. The reason for these malfunctions? Traffic.

Lots and lots of traffic.

In the minutes following Landon Donovan’s game winning goal in the 91st minute of action (which sent the US to the round of 16), traffic spiked to 11.2 million visitors per minute, which moves the event past the 2008 presidential election as the 2nd highest traffic spike of all-time… The plethora of World Cup breaking news briefly knocked Yahoo Sports offline…

Who says Americans don’t like soccer/football/futbol? Just ask Jack, Evan and Biz about how Twitter handled all the excitement.

Landon Donovan For President!

Landon Donovan

By scoring perhaps the most dramatic goal in the history of US Soccer, Landon Donovan, with one touch of his right foot’s instep, secured the US’ World Cup advancement to the knock-out round of 16, vaulted his team to the top of Group C, all while preventing the setback of the US soccer movement by years, if not generations. Yes, Donovan’s game-winner was just that big. After 90-plus minutes of a nerve-racking 0-0 tie, the United States finally broke the seal. Once the goal was confirmed by the referee — not a sure thing by any means for the US so far — you could feel a sense of relief, mixed with exaltation.

Again, Donovan’s game-winner was just that big.

To quote the superior English soccer announcers, “brilliant.”

If the Presidential election was held today, Donovan would be a considerable opponent for any nominee, regardless of the political party they represented.

Edson Buddle Looked Good

Edson Buddle

The World Cup officially starts on Friday — FINALLY — and one of the bigger stories of the opening weekend is the match between England and the US. There’s a lot that’s been said about this game, and there’s still a lot that’s going to be said before they kick-off on Saturday. One area of concern for the American national team comes from who is going to replace Charlie Davies as the striker who will playing along side Jozy Altidore.

After their 3-1 win over the Socceroos last Saturday, it appears as if Bob Bradley’s decision has been made easier, thanks to Edson Buddle.

The choice to replace Davies appears to have been between Buddle and Robbie Findley, but after Saturday’s showing, Buddle is the obvious choice. Scoring two goals against a team that hadn’t lost in 13-straight appearances against international competition has a way of separating the starters from the reserves. Findley didn’t help his cause by missing at least two very makeable goals, either.

Buddle’s goals, after the jump >>

Landon Donovan’s First EPL Goal

Donovan looks like he’s finally making the best of his European jaunts. The word from Everton concerning Donovan has been much better than past loans:

Magnificent performance from Everton, and a good performance from that man there, Landon Donovan,” Stewart Robson, co-commentator, IMG feed for international audience.

Couple this with the positive news about Charlie Davies and Clint Dempsey, Team USA’s confidence for the 2010 World Cup should be growing exponentially.

Ricardo Clark’s Brilliant Strike

While the first half was a little lackluster, the Team USA soccer team did what it had to do in securing a much-needed away game win against Trinidad and Tobago, thanks to a cracker of a finish from Ricardo Clark. Aside: I’ve noticed that when I write about soccer/football/futbol, the voice in my head doing the narration has a British accent. It leads to descriptions that have the word “cracker” as an adjective. Hell, I think I’ve even used the word “cheeky” before. Is that normal?

More on Team USA’s big win after the jump >>

Charlie Davies is For Real

Enough has already been said about US/Mexico match from yesterday. Bad midfield play from the United States, coupled with poor, scared officiating — um, FIFA, you might want to address this moving forward — and conservative coaching is what ultimately did Team USA in. Nevertheless, with Charlie Davies performing like he has been all summer, you have to feel confident about their striking ability. Granted, we all wanted to see Jozy Altidore instead of the steady, nondescript Brian Ching, but Bradley saw things differently.

Continue reading about Team USA’s close-but-no-cigar performance after the jump >>

We Need More of This (US Soccer)

Well, it was a beautiful half of soccer for Team USA. Unfortunately, they couldn’t defend against the Brazilian onslaught for two 45-minute intervals — relying on Tim Howard’s brilliance a little too much, perhaps? Nevertheless, the second goal scored by Landon Donovan was a thing of beauty. Off the top of my head, it might be one of the best goals I’ve seen scored by Team USA; although, my love for counter-attack soccer undoubtedly contributes here. Still, the goal had it all:

After the jump >>

US Soccer Plays With TNT

Tim Howard

Thanks to goals from Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey and Brian Ching, the US Men’s team handled an outmatched Trinidad and Tobago with their best offensive showing of 2008. The victory also gave the US a stranglehold on their CONCACAF qualifying group as their record in round three play improved to 3-0.

The scoring explosion was started by Bradley after he redirected a Landon Donovan free kick into the back of the net. From that point, the US confidently attacked their opponents, facilitated by Trinidad and Tobago’s surprisingly soft defense — not that they are known as defensive team. However, that doesn’t mean the best strategy was to play off of the Americans, allowing them to see the field and move the ball accordingly.

Perhaps some increased defensive pressure would serve Trinidad and Tobago better.

Video highlights after the jump >>