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Posts Tagged ‘LaGarrette Blount’

LaGarrette Blount Goes Pulp Fiction

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Here’s a brilliant little mash-up of LaGarrette Blount and his sucker punch heard around the sports world — Pulling the videos, ESPN? Really? — this time, done with a Pulp Fiction twist. Normally, I can’t stand the YouTube caption feature, but this time, it works well. It should be noted the video seems like it was uploaded by an Oregon fan, who apparently has some hard feelings about the beatdown the Ducks received in Idaho last night:

LAGARRETTE BLOUNT FIGHT Knockout!!!!! LMFAO! HAHAHAHAHAHA… Blount just lays into this dude after the game! LMFAO!

I bet that guy is regretting talking trash after the game, earned himself a victory sure, but at the same time he got himself a nice knuckle sandwich.


So yeah, not everyone is feeling outraged towards Blount and his sneaky punching ways. Kudos on the mash-up, though.

No Handshaking in Stillwater

Heh, this was a brilliant offering from LSUFreek. Anyway, displaying an creepy level of foresight, officials for each school have decided to avoid the American Football Coaches Association-desired pregame handshake between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Oklahoma State Cowboys for fear it might escalate into something LaGarrette Blount would be proud of. While the decision came before Blount jacked Byron Hout, because of the Oregon/Boise State ugliness, this feels like the prudent choice. In fact, before the consensus to avoid it was reached, Cowboys coach, and man’s man, Mike Gundy had expressed concern such a meeting would end poorly.

Again, it should be noted the decision was reached before the games began last night, but one can’t help but think Blount’s post game activities reinforced the belief the correct decision has been made. Of course, one might argue this is a time we need to see good sportsmanship the most, especially after the idea was stained in such dramatic fashion in Idaho.

However, the idea of simply avoiding potential trouble — goodness knows neither coach would want to contribute to what Blount helped sully — is probably a wise one.