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Posts Tagged ‘LaDainian Tomlinson’

Nike’s Newest Football Commercial

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Say what you will about Nike and their various business practices, but one thing’s for sure: they certainly know how to market their product. Be it Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Albert Pujols or LaDainian Tomlinson. When it comes to making great commercials that understand the meaning of what it is to be an athlete, Nike always comes through in spades.

Their latest offering with LT and Troy Polamalu (log in required) is just another example of their ability to successfully market their product.

You can expect to see this commercial an absolute ton in the coming weeks. I’d say it’ll be attached to just about every football game (and the related programming) of note.

NFL Preview – A Quick Look At The AFC West

San Diego Chargers


The San Diego (Super) Chargers begin the 2008 season as one of the favorite teams to win the Super Bowl. Is this something they can live up to? Is this the year they finally beat the Patriots and represent the AFC in Tampa come February? While they certainly have the talent to do so, it seems there’s always something in way, be it Marty Schottenheimer’s playoff touch or the arm of Tom Brady.

The biggest weakness facing the Chargers is not one of talent or coaching, regardless how many funny faces Norv Turner makes. No, the biggest hurdle the Chargers have to overcome is provided by the injury bug:

Will LT’s knee be healthy? Will he be the same player as before? What about Philip Rivers? What happens when Rivers takes a shot in the leg? Will the Chargers be reduced to backup quarterback play? How is Antonio Gates’ toe? Can he cut and shift like before? What happens when it gets stepped on? And finally, what about Shawne Merriman? Why is he even playing? Does he think the window of opportunity permanently closes after 2008? Will he be able to provide anything resembling a non-injured Merriman?

If the answer to these questions are positive, expect the to see the Chargers in the AFC Championship. However, overcoming the Patriots is another story — until they prove otherwise. Put me down for 13-3 and the AFC West championship.

Hottest Chargers Cheerleader
Earlier this year, during a playoff preview post, I picked Carly as the hottest Charger Girl — who still the best cheerleader pages of all the NFL teams — and I’m happy to say she’s still with the team. I am, however, picking another representative of the Chargers Girls for this spot to help you expand your horizons.


Introducing Kamri, who does wonderful things for the cowboy hat look.

More AFC West after the jump >>

Intentional Eye Candy: Conference Champs Edition

Last week’s IEC gave us some cheerleading goodness to help through the Divisional Playoffs and now that we are two games away from the Super Bowl, we are going to revisit the idea. As you all know, the NFL’s Conference Championship games kick-off this weekend as the Green Bay Packers take on the New York Giants in the NFC, while in the AFC, the undefeated Patriots go up against the San Diego (Super) Chargers.

In celebration of Sunday’s football buffet, here are some more images to go with your main course of Sunday playoff football:

Green Bay/New York:

Packer Bikini Girls
Courtesy of WithLeather.


Kate Mara
This is actress Kate Mara. Her family owns the Giants. She’s also the great-granddaughter of Art Rooney, founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ll bet football Sundays were a blast at her house.

Who ya got?

I’ll go with the Packers over the Giants, 27-21 (sorry, Kate).

New England/San Diego:

Chargers are Hot


Patriots Cheerleader

Again, who ya got?

I’ll take the Patriots, 38-21 (yes, I know I’m really going out on a limb there, but it’s hard to deny what the Pats have accomplished).

So there you have it. Who do you think’s going to make it to the Super Bowl? Will the Pats get a shot at history or will LT and company derail the Brady/Moss express? In the NFC, can Eli continue to outperform his brother and lead the Giants to victory in one of the toughest places in the NFL to play or will Favre get another shot at Super Bowl glory?

Intentional Upset: Bolts and Giants Advance

Vincent Jackson

If you would’ve told me before the game that the San Diego Chargers were going to beat the then defending Super Bowl Champs Indianapolis Colts while LaDainian Tomlinson and Philip Rivers looked on from the sideline, I would’ve told you you were on crack… and I would’ve been wrong. Both of yesterday’s Divisional Playoff match-ups resulted in upsets as both visiting teams went into hostile environments and came out with huge victories and find themselves one step closer to the Super Bowl.

In the AFC, the aforementioned San Diego (Super) Chargers went into Indianapolis and shocked the defending champs by the score of 28-24. Even more shocking was the Bolts did so without the services of All-World running back Ladainian Tomlinson, who went down in the with a knee injury after only seven carries.

LT’s absence was handled masterfully by quarterback Philip Rivers, who, until he also got injured, looked to be playing the best game of his NFL career (14-19 for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns). Rivers was replaced by Tennessee cast-off, Billy Volek, who did exactly what you ask of back-up: don’t hurt the team.

So why did the Colts fail yesterday? Was this another case of Peyton Manning not being able to win the Big Game or did the Colts handling of the Marvin Harrison’s injured knee play a part in the Colts demise (Harrison coughed up a crucial fumble in the first quarter)? Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: there is Manning quarterback moving on to the conference finals. Just not Peyton.

Speaking of, in Dallas, the New York football Giants used a strong pass rush and some Cowboys’ miscues to come out of Texas Stadium victorious by the score of 21-17. After allowing the Cowboys to score 14-second quarter points, the Giants defense rendered the Dallas attack useless (thanks to some dropped balls and timely pressure on Tony Romo).

For Dallas, their run of NFL Playoff futility continues with their sixth straight playoff loss and because Dallas is such a “movie star” team, after the game, the finger pointing began. Did Romo/Simpson distract the team or did Jerry Jones’ arrogance do them in? To hear Terrell Owens tell it, the Cowboys lost as team:

I wonder what Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb think of all that… Of course, they could take the position that T.O. is using crocodile tears to express himself and considering what they’ve been through in the past with T.O., no one would fault them if they did.

Hat-tip to The700Level for the video.

Jerry Jones Fail
Image courtesy of The Nosebleed NFL Blog

Whatever the reasons for the above losses, there are some certainties we have our Conference Championship match-ups set. In the AFC, the undefeated New England Patriots will be taking on San Diego while in the NFC, the Giants travel to Green Bay and a Manning has a chance to go the Super Bowl… just not the one you might expect.

Who ya got?