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Posts Tagged ‘Knock Out’

Alicia Sacramone Will Knock You The F Out

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While she became infamous for her fall during the balance beam competition, Alicia Sacramone looks like she can has an MMA career to fall back on if that gymnastics thing doesn’t work out.

See? That’s what those strong gymnastics legs will do for you — give the ability to knock your opponents the hell out. As long as you take Rampage Jackson’s advice and swing from your ass. Maybe she should have used her left hook last night on the judges when they unnecessarily delayed her.

H/t to WWTDD for the find.

You Got Knocked The **** Out!!!

This video has been going around at a couple of sites, but it’s so good, we had to feature it here as well. What we have is Edison Miranda knocking out David Banks in the 3rd round of their fight, which took place on ESPN last Friday. Both boxers are super middleweights and so, there punches probably hurt a little more than the Floyd Mayweathers of the world…

Anyway, Miranda knocks the stuffing out of Banks, who winds up falling through the ropes. After he is counted out (did it really take a 10-count to see he was through?), Banks almost trips over his corner stool and has to be helped when he sits down. I’m guessing he felt Miranda’s punch… but did he read Banks his rights first (you know, the Miranda rights rule… oh, never mind).

Hat-tip to on 205th, WithLeather and JoeSportsFan.