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Posts Tagged ‘Knee Surgery’

Fixing Peyton Manning’s Knee

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Peyton Manning

The quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts — and the apparent face of the NFL — had his left knee operated on in order to remove an infected bursa sac. Manning is expected to be out four-to-six weeks, meaning he will likely miss most of training camp and the NFL’s preseason, which begins on August 3rd when the Colts take on the Redskins.

Obviously, Manning will be missing that little scrimmage.

There’s also a question about the quarterback being healthy for the start of the season; however, the Colts leadership circle doesn’t share the same sentiment:

In a statement released by the team Monday evening, President Bill Polian described the surgery as “routine,” adding team physicians “expect a full and complete return to action in four to six weeks.”

That timetable makes it likely Manning will miss the bulk of training camp, which opens July 24 in Terre Haute, and the five-game preseason schedule. Barring any complications, Manning should have enough time to regain his timing and conditioning and be ready for the regular-season opener.

Does the news about Manning’s knee further the seemingly growing belief the Colts will fall back to the pack this season?

Tiger To Have Season-Ending Surgery?

Tiger Woods

There’s a report over at ESPN indicating Tiger Woods may have played his last round of golf for the 2008 season. After his historic, dramatic win at Torrey Pines, Woods has apparently decided his left knee needs even more work done it, a decision that will shut him down for the rest of the PGA’s 2008 season.

If so, they can say goodbye to all those fat TV ratings.

However, we may actually see Tiger again before he goes under the knife. From the article:

Woods had committed to playing in the Buick Invitational next week. He hosts the AT&T National the week after at Congressional Country Club in Washington, D.C. The report said he would fulfill his obligations to sponsors at those events.

If that is the case, it means — from a selfish perspective — we get to see Tiger a few more times before he shuts it down. More as this develops.

Tiger Talks US Open Preperation

While he hasn’t walked a full 18 since his knee surgery, Tiger Woods isn’t worried about being prepared for the US Open at Torrey Pines when it begins on Thursday. In fact, it’s just the opposite — Tiger says he’s ready.

ESPN Video has more:

Here’s an interesting tidbit I haven’t heard discussing Tiger’s dominance:

He has made just five starts on the PGA Tour this year, but still leads the FedEx Cup standings with three wins, a second-place finish and a fifth. He also won a European Tour event in Dubai. His lead over Phil Mickelson in the official world golf ranking equals the gap between Mickelson and the No. 287-ranked player.

This makes Thursday’s pairing of Tiger and Phil the Thrill all the more enticing.

Tiger Has Some Work Done On The Endoskeleton

Terminator Tiger

Proving the fact that even Terminator-like machines need maintenance as well, Tiger Woods had some arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to repair some cartilage damage… or so they say. Personally, I think it was repair some of the mechanisms that control his swing and his putting stroke, something that abandoned him at Augusta.

Being that Tiger is indeed a Terminator, I’m wondering if his procedure went something like this:

Because of his injury/scheduled maintenance session, Tiger will miss the upcoming Players Championship but he should be back to full functionality by the US Open in June, ready to continue his search for Sarah Connor — or collecting PGA Majors, depending on his programming parameters.