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Posts Tagged ‘Kevin Garnett’

Kevin Garnett Dunks, Elbows and Clarifies

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Kevin Garnett

Clearly, Kevin Garnett is a lightning rod. Whether it his gesticulations and jawing after, well, anything good for the Celtics happens, or his desire to get under the opponent’s skin, KG is obviously no longer the gentle giant he was portrayed to be while in Minnesota. Furthermore, he seems to embrace this new “bad guy” persona, and he never misses a chance to try and get under the skin of whichever opponent he’s around.

Just ask Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva for the most current confirmation. Garnett dunked in Bogut’s general vicinity and decided to pop his elbow out, and into Bogut’s chest after he landed. Bogut was none-to-pleased and let KG know about it:

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Kevin Garnett: Winning Friends and Influencing People

Yeah, I’m a little late with this, but if you’re tired of reading about Tiger Woods, a NBA dust-up is always a good distraction. Anyway, apparently, Nazr Mohammed took issue with Kevin Garnett’s charge, one that led with the shoulder and hit Mohammed in the mouth, so much so in fact, Big Naz reacted in such a manner that surprised Charlotte Bobcats beat writers.

We came really close late in the first half to a heavyweight bout between Kevin Garnett and Nazr Mohammed. I’ve never seen Mohammed mad like that.

As a Kentucky fan (not the reason I posted this, mind you), I have to say I concur. During his stint with the Wildcats, it was Jamaal Magloire who was the enforcer on the team, not Mohammed. Nazr was simply the post player that made Tubby’s offense a National Championship contender. So to see him go after someone like that — even if it is a player who is quickly becoming the least-liked player in the NBA outside of Boston — is a tad surprising.

Especially after his team got the correct call.

As for Garnett, the above link goes to a forum discussing this very play, and it’s easy to see that if you aren’t a Celtics fan, Garnett’s shtick has worn awfully thin. An example from the comments demonstrates this quite clearly, courtesy of Jamesus:

It’s funny how the announcers acted like KG was a badass.

“KG is going to stand his ground”.

Just imagine if Nazr threw that right straight instead of pointing that right finger. KG would be on the ground with those arms flopped out. I hate Kevin Garnett.

Has KG surpassed folks like Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest as the least-liked player in the NBA?

Where Garnett’s Diamonds Can Feed Africa For A Year

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett stayed on the bench for the entire game last night, and he had in his possession something that really stood out, at least to me, anyway: Those massive diamonds adorning his ears. What size are those things? Two carats? Three? Big enough to feed small countries for years and years? Look, I’m certainly not disparaging Garnett for wearing his rocks. His money, his accessories. I’m just marveling at how incredibly huge they are.

Those things might have more carats than the championship ring he received at the beginning of the season. Here’s a side view of one of the rocks in question:

Kevin Garnett

Big enough to have its own zip code — or feed one.

This is Bad News… For Boston

Kevin Garnett

Defending the championship they worked so hard to win last season just got a lot harder for the Boston Celtics, provided Doc Rivers’ foreboding prognostication about Kevin Garnett’s knee comes true. Rivers told the Boston Globe he doubts Garnett — who has been struggling with his knee since around the All-Star break — will be available throughout the playoffs.

“This is the first time I’ve said it, because it’s the first time I’ve really watched him,” Rivers said. “He’s not gonna be ready. After watching him run, there’s no way. So, we’re gonna move without him. And the way I saw him move today guys, I don’t know if he’ll be ready… he’s just limping. He just can’t run. …

“This was an honest run today, you couldn’t fake your way through it … and the guy is a warrior, you can see him trying to mask it, but after 20 minutes of running, there’s just no way. I don’t see it. I just don’t. And I’ve flipped completely because I was watching him move, and he looked great, and then … after today, there’s no way he can play.

Because of his bum knee, Garnett has missed 25 games, but much to the defending champs’ credit, the Celtics are 18-7 during KG’s absence. However, beating teams like Orlando and the Cleveland LeBrons in a seven-game playoff series is much different than posting a respectable win-loss regular season record while a key component nurses an injury.


The Search For G is Scary (Usain Bolt)

That commercial was all over the NBA’s All Star Weekend fun and despite everything going on in the video — KG, The JabbaWockeez, Monty Python homages — the main thing that stands out to me is Usain Bolt’s head, dancing on a pair of feet. And nothing more. No body, no neck. Nothing. Just Bolt’s head and his megawatt smile. Dancing. Connected to feet. It’s both hypnotic and scary at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, Usain deserves all the endorsement money he can finagle because it’s not like Track and Field has NBA-like funds pouring in.

But really, is scaring the hell out of any children watching the dunk contest the best way to promote a new — and unnecessary — branding venture? “What’s ‘G’?” It’s Usain Bolt’s bigger-than-life head dancing across your screen on a golden pair of shoes, evidently.

Josh Smith Dunk Punctuates Atlanta Loss

Oh well, at least the Hawks went down with style to the Celtics, who won their 16th-straight, 88-85. The win, which puts them at 24-2, continues the best start to a season by a defending NBA champion. Ever.

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Kevin Garnett is Pretty Silly, Effective


But hey, as long as it helps your team continue a game-winning comeback, whatever works. As pointed out by Ethan, Kevin Garnett, while being an all-world defender last night, decided he’d share some of his emotion with Raptors guard, Jose Calderon; and so, Garnett began guarding Calderon while he was bringing the ball up the court. During the defensive assignment, KG essentially hounded Calderon with good man-to-man defense, verbal abuse and a finger wave or two.

While the Raptors fans were pretty pissed by Garnett’s behavior, the consensus is, it’s this type of intensity that makes KG so great.

Here’s the video: After the jump >>

adidas Wants You To Get Out and Vote


We all know what today is. We all know how important today is; but just in case you forgot, adidas would like to remind you before it’s too late. What the Nike competitor has done is release a special edition election day shoe for Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett, complete with a message embracing change on the sides.

This is the third pair of special edition shoes adidas has made for their basketball focal point, Kevin Garnett. Unlike the other pairs; however, these won’t be made available to the public.

It’s been said many times in the last 24 hours but it bears repeating: regardless who you are voting for — you can write me in if you’d like — get out there and do it. If it takes adidas or Monday Night Football interviews to inspire you, so be it. Just make sure you do.

McGrady’s version of adidas’ election shoes:


Now go. Get thee to a voting booth.