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Posts Tagged ‘Kansas State Wildcats’

The NCAA Can Stick “Excessive Celebration” Up Its Ass

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While this post’s title might be a little long in the tooth, it’s perfectly fitting; and it should be noted this post is not being written by a fan of Kansas State.  Instead, this writer is a fan of common sense and fair play, and the penalty endured by Kansas State after wide receiver Adrian Hilburn saluted the crowd after he scored what may have been a game-tying score, provided the two-point conversion was taken from it’s normal position on the field.  Instead, the officials — a Big Ten crew no less — decided Hilburn’s salute, an act Webster’s defines as “to address with expressions of kind wishes, courtesy, or honor,” was in the same vein as spiking the ball in the defense’s face, or disrespecting your opponent by taking your helmet off in a “look at me, I’m the man” display of bravado.

Are you f**king kidding me?  That’s the best they can do?

The NCAA sucks after the jump >>

The Kansas State Dancing Machines

Kansas State

What we have here are the Kansas State Wildcats in their tunnel, getting ready to take the floor before their game against Virginia Tech. Needless to say, they danced during their wait, and I’m pretty sure it was a derivative of the ubiquitous “Dougie” that’s sweeping the nation, no matter how hard I try to be the force against it.

Clearly, I’m not influential enough to effect any kind of change, but man, I’d much prefer a return to the “Cabbage Patch,” “the Prep,” and the “Reebok.” Or something like this. Anyway, digression aside, here are the K-State Wildcats having some fun before going out on the floor:

Animated gif after the jump >>

Frank Martin Intensifies, K-State Fans Celebrate

Frank Martin

You have to love Kansas State coach Frank Martin. He’s surely taken the lead for most demonstrative coach in college basketball. Of course, if your coaching in the NCAA Tournament, and your game featuring double overtimes and Jordan Crawford making shots from anywhere in the gym, your blood pressure would probably rise as well. In order to intensify the pressure, try watching your team give up a double-digit first half lead before the first half is over. It might inspire this kind of locker room reaction:

Video after the jump >>

Jordan Crawford is Rangy

Jordan Crawford

Now that Kansas State and Xavier are done providing us the best game of the tournament so far, let’s take some time to reflect. How many huge plays were there? I lost count after Jacob Pullen hit that top-of-the-key triple in the second overtime. I’m sure I was somewhere around 10. Probably more. However, the shot that I, and probably a lot of people, remember is Jordan Crawford’s “He’s got range from the awareness ribbon” three, which sent the game in the second stanza of overtime. If the college line is at 20-9 (20 feet, 9 inches), Crawford’s bomb had to have been from at least 25, if not 30.

Awesomely enough, the guys at Rush the Court have an awesome, in-arena video of Crawford’s (temporary) heroics, complete with a killer angle and great picture quality.

Video after the jump >>

Fear Jacob Pullen’s Beard

Jacob Pullen

The “Fear the Beard” campaign of Kansas State-induced fan support for Jacob Pullen is certainly all the rage right now. I guess beating the number one team in the country, followed by your coach wearing a fake beard in your honor at the post-game press conference, has a way of solidifying your arrival. Hell, it doesn’t even matter that Pullen had a subpar game against the Longhorns (2-15 from the field, 0-6 from behind the arc) because K-State still won, thanks to their underrated frontline.

And now, fearing the beard is upon us.

With all due respect to the west coast basketball blog,, but it looks like Pullen and his fearful beard have taken over that moniker for at least the next couple of months.

To wit, in order to prepare for the game against Texas, K-State officials ordered 1000 beards — the same Martin was wearing after the game — to be distributed to students. The results, as you could see if you watched the game last night, were pretty tremendous. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of college students cheering for their team while wearing fake beards.

K-State Fans

Here’s hoping “beard outs” continue as long as K-State’s season does. Oh, and just in case you were wondering why Pullen is receiving so much love — well, besides the beard, of course — he’s averaging 19.3 while shooting over 40% from behind the arc. In fact, Pullen might just challenge Kansas’ Sherron Collins as the best guard in the Big 12.

The K-State/KU game should go a long way in determining that outcome.

Denis Clemente Is Better Than You At H-O-R-S-E

What we have here is Kansas State guard Denis Clemente demonstrating his mad H-O-R-S-E skills with a shot even Larry Bird and Michael Jordan would envy. This video, which was posted in July, is finally making the blog rounds, and rightfully so. Clemente’s shot was indeed awesome. I wonder, however, how Frank Martin would feel if Clemente launched one of these during K-State’s showdown with Kansas in Manhattan — a game that will play host to ESPN’s College Gameday?

More on Clemente’s shot after the jump >>

Make No Mistake, College Football is Here

Yeah, I know, there’s officially 36 days until the season kicks off, but with videos like the one I’m leading with popping up, it’s safe to say we are firmly in the grips of the upcoming season. What we have is a popular Kansas State fan, named CatMatt, and his parody of the visually stimulating “Baby, Baby, Baby” music video. However, instead of featuring hot, naked chicks with strategically placed black-out boxes, it features not-so-hot avatars of Oklahoma fans, the Kansas Jayhawk, Nebraska fans, and an awfully hungry Mark Mangino,complete with said black-out boxes.

There’s also an appearance from the Funk Bus, which helps wrap up this creation of genius. The video also helps prove there are few things greater than watching college football fans of opposing schools go at each other — even if a partially-naked Mark Mangino is featured.

H/t to EDSBS (via Corn Nation) for the find.

Wildcats Struggle in Columbia

Bad Wildcats

Ah, but which one? Kansas State or Kentucky? How about both teams. One Wildcat team went to Columbia, Missouri, while other went to Columbia, South Carolina. Both teams were absolutely beatdown by their hosts. Missouri smashed K-State, 94-74, and the Gamecocks punished Kentucky, 77-59. Two Wildcat teams in two different Columbias, yet both get beat by an average of 19 points.

The similarities don’t end there either.

Both Kentucky and K-State are 19-9 and both sets of Wildcats are fighting for their tournament lives. Both teams needed to play well on the road to solidify their tournament chances. Neither team did. Kansas State only had one player in double figures — Denis Clemente with 33 — Kentucky had two (Patterson and Meeks). Kentucky only got THIRTEEN points from the rest of their roster, so give K-State a hand there. At least the rest of Frank Martin’s team managed to score 41 to go with Clemente’s 33.

I bet Billy Gillispie would be nice to Jeanine Edwards if it gave him 41 additional points last night; besides Patterson and Meeks, only THREE other players on the roster actually scored for Kentucky.

Just … wow.

If you were seeding the NCAA Tournament today, would either team get a bid? Not from where I’m standing.