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Posts Tagged ‘Kansas Jayhawks’

Booby Knight Called The KU Game, Apparently

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Booby Knight
Thank god for high definition television broadcasts; although, the twin peaks behind Bobby Knight’s head would’ve been noticeable even if they were in black and white. This little gem of a picture was seen during the Kansas/Oklahoma State beatdown. After the glorious low-cut Kansas shirt was observed, the first instinct was to take a screenshot, but then you realized 30 FPS was on it, and so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

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Marcus Morris Thunder Dunks All Over Miami of Ohio

Look out below, there, Antonio Ballard, because there’s a Kansas Jayhawk-themed Mack Truck by the name of Marcus Morris — he of the Morris twins — heading directly for your head. Oops, too late. Ballard, like the rest of the Miami of Ohio Redhawks, got absolutely destroyed by Morris and his band of merry Kansas Jayhawks. The beating was so severe, the Miami players believe Kansas is a better team than the Duke Blue Devils.

They aren’t the only ones either.  Basketball Prospectus moved KU into their number one spot as well.

Granted, with Duke’s freshman sensation Kyrie Irving on the shelf with a foot injury, coupled with how well the Jayhawks have been playing, it’s easy to see why people are taking a shine to Bill Self’s latest edition of Kansas basketball; and as long as the Jayhawks avoid three-point bombs from Ali Farokhmanesh, they should be fine.

H/t to Ballin’ Is A Habit for the video.

Clap Along With the KU Band

I saw this this weekend over at The Big Lead, and it’s just too awesome not to repost here:

For all of the Kansas Jayhawks fans who almost break their wrists trying to keep up with fight songs, this instructional video was made specifically for you. Now get out there and clap your hands off, especially for the football team.

The basketball team gets plenty of support already.

Poor Samantha Ryan

Sam Ryan

Perhaps the most famous porn star/college basketball fan has to be feeling a little down in the dumps today, while trying valiantly to get over whatever hard feelings she has towards Ali Farokhmanesh. Such is the case when you’re convinced your team can’t lose and they do just that. Perhaps that little video she did for The Shiver came back to haunt her.

Whatever the case, the KU fan with the porn star heart of gold is nowhere to be found — at least on the web’s most popular way to mindlessly communicate.

Considering her Twitter account was full of pro Jayhawks blather, I guess I shouldn’t seem too surprised. But if someone is going to run their mouth, perhaps they should stick around and accept whatever responses their trash-talking generated — especially when their team falls flat on its face. Of course, most instigators don’t want to hear that kind of talk when dealing with failure. Maybe next time, she’ll wait until her team actually wins before releasing a video like that.

Who knows, maybe she jinxed the Jayhawks by accepting those free tickets? It’s either that or the video.

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Brady Morningstar’s Clutch Free Throw

Actually, Morningstar isn’t a bad free throw shooter (23-29 last season, 12-16 so far this year), but I’m not really sure what the hell is going on with that one. Granted, it didn’t hurt the game’s bottom line — that is, Kansas essentially rolled Texas — but man, it’s doubtful Morningstar will be able to live that particular shot down anytime soon. I imagine it will be played on a loop at the Jayhawks practices for at least the rest of the week.

Dexter Pittman is All That is Man

Dexter Pittman

The Urban Dictionary defines the term “All that is man” as “title applied to men who have reached the peak of masculinity, ex: firemen, lumberjacks, ironmen, navy seals.” Sounds like a perfect description of Dexter Pittman, who is the current definition of the word “beast.” Perhaps this goes without saying — I mean, his listed measurements are 6-10, 290 — but still, sometimes even the obvious needs restating.

Pittman extended his beast-like qualities to another level against the Arkansas Razorbacks last night with this gaudy stat line: 21 points (10-15 shooting) and 10 rebounds. Oh, he also had this beastly dunk to start the second half, but since ESPN doesn’t want us to embed their video, here’s a link (13-second mark).

Granted, the only player the Razorbacks could throw at Pittman was Michael Washington (6-9, 239), and while Washington held his own scoring-wise (14 points), he only had two total rebounds. I’m guessing dragging the likes of Pittman up and down the court limits one’s effectiveness when cleaning the defensive glass.

One thing’s for sure, the upcoming Texas/Kansas basketball game (At Texas on February 8th) is going to be an absolute brawl. I, for one, can’t wait to watch Pittman and Cole Aldridge beat on each other for two-plus hours.

Xavier Henry or John Wall?

John Wall or Xavier Henry

Pop quiz, hotshot: Let’s say you are the coach of a big time school, say somewhere like Kansas or Kentucky, and you have one remaining scholarship to give out to an incoming player. Also, your roster is complete; that is, your team isn’t lacking for any one position or player. Essentially, the final scholarship can be used on a player of choice. To sweeten the pot, let’s say there are two players who want to come to play for you, and those two are Xavier Henry and John Wall, probably the two most dynamic, explosive freshmen in college basketball right now.

And that’s with no offense to folks like Lance Stephenson or Kenny Boynton, either. With that in mind, who do you choose?

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Wow, Really? (Turner Gill)

Fire Turner Gill

The Kansas Jayhawk football team has found its replacement for the fired Mark Mangino, and apparently, he’s already worn out whatever welcome fans had prepared for him. Granted, Gill’s only been on the job for about two days, but obviously, that’s enough time to make a value judgement as to whether or not he’s worthy of being hired. So what’s the logical step when your “team” (funny, there wasn’t this much outcry about the KU football program until their BCS Bowl) makes what you consider to be a bad hire?

Start a Fire Turner Gill site, naturally.


***The site is actually run by a Georgia resident and not KU fans.***

Apparently, the beef with Gill — I mean, besides ignorance, because, lets face it, KU fans had no clue who this guy was two weeks ago — is he isn’t a proven enough winner and doesn’t deserve a shot a such a football program that recently had a taste of postseason success that’s held in such high regard around the country. In the minds of some Kansas City sports radio jockeys, a Saturday article from Jason Whitlock discussing Gill has something to do with the sentiments of rejection towards KU’s new football coach.

Of course, some of these unhappy fans forgot to read Whitlock’s closing sentiments, which said Gill has two seasons to win him over. Or maybe they mistook “years” for “days,” while taking those Jim Harbaugh rumors directly to heart. Um yeah, about that: Did you really think Harbaugh was going to agree to a sideways move after making Stanford relevant again?

Besides, Harbaugh’s got an incredible bathroom at his disposal. How can KU compete with such amenities?