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We at IntentionalFoul.com are big fans of Gina Carano, so you can imagine our excitement when we came across a Muscle & Fitness video of Gina working out as she trains for her MMA career. Remember, she’s not just an American Gladiator. In the video Gina, who is 4-0 as a MMA participant, demonstrates some of the techniques she uses all while maintaining her incredibly attractive appearance.

Nothing from nothing, but I’m think the guy she’s sparring with is one lucky SOB. It’s not everyday a guy gets to have Gina Carano’s legs wrapped around them… OK, I may have embellished that thought a little, but you get the idea. While she’s still American Gladiating, Gina’s also preparing for a May 31st MMA bout with Kaitlin Young, which will be shown on the CBS premiere of EliteXC Saturday Night Fights.

I just hope they make liberal use of their leg grappling skills.