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Posts Tagged ‘Just Wow’

Vikings Fans Are Bad At Team Songs

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First we have one of the most prolific, talented musicians, perhaps ever, assaulting our ears with whatever this is (Really, Prince? Really?!?), and now…

That little gem of a find comes courtesy of KSK, and they have an awesome breakdown to go with it. I, however, just have a question or two: “Song 2?” I mean, OK, everyone and their mother knows this song thanks to various commercials and the like, but “Song 2?” As a Vikings tribute song? I don’t know, I’m just not feeling the selection. As for the video aspect of this “music video,” well, moms always said, if I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Of course, that’s not very “writer-like” is it?

With that in mind, What? The? F**k? Next time, you’d be better off just showing the Madden 10 highlights you started with; because your dancing? Just… damn. For all you bettors out there, if this isn’t an omen, I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the concept.

LeBron’s Simply Ridiculous Third Quarter

Last Friday, LeBron James went a little nuts in Milwaukee, at least from a scoring-the-basketball perspective. James finished the game with an impressive 55 points, but that gaudy total was somehow overshadowed by his absolutely overpowering start to the third quarter. The Cavaliers entered the second half down by six, but Cleveland responded with an 18-4 run over the first 3 minutes of the quarter — but that’s not the eye-catcher. No, that designation belongs to LeBron who scored 16 of those 18 points during the run.

Actual clock time during LeBron’s impressive salvo? Around 2:50. That’s two minutes in fifty seconds. Putting it a better way, James scored over five points a minute during his otherworldly outburst. The above video has the moments immortalized in all of their uncut glory, clocking in at under five real-time minutes.

The question concerning the Cavaliers from this point going forward is are they a true threat to end Boston’s championship run at one? With Delonte West back in the lineup — giving LeBron yet another outside shooter when defenses happen to collapse on him, the Cavaliers look awfully good. But are they ready to take Boston and perhaps Los Angeles down as well? Let’s not forget about Orlando either. The loss of Jameer Nelson obviously stains their appeal some, but who is going to stop Dwight Howard?

Of course, as long as LeBron’s on the court, the same must also be asked of him (try your damnedest to hold him to jump shots).

H/t to BDL for the find.

Chris Berman Does NOT Like Distractions

It looks like the golden fleece of sports-related videos has been found (via Deadspin)… I know I can’t stop watching it. While this little ditty will probably be short-lived on YouTube, it will probably go down as an instant classic. What we have is the Mount Rushmore of ESPN, Chris Berman, GOING OFF on some staffers who decided to walk in front of him during a taping.

In short, he was not amused:

Wow. That right there is HOURS of entertainment. The event is so monumental, Berman deserves one of his own silly nicknames… Maybe something like, Chris “Don’t You EVER F*** With Me” Berman.