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Posts Tagged ‘Just Bad’

How to Spell Futility

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Jim Zorn

Apparently, there are a number of spellings of the word futility, as demonstrated by the Washington Redskins, and I think they go like this: W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S S-P-E-C-I-A-L T-E-A-M-S or W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S C-O-A-C-H-I-N-G or just W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S.

Anyone of those is acceptable.

Of course, If your name was Jason Campbell, your own personal spelling of “futility” might look something like this: W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S O-F-F-E-N-S-I-V-E L-I-N-E. Over at KSK, they’re (or the person who submitted it) is calling the upcoming video “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever filmed.”

Considering the incredible amounts of abject failure going on — what a way to end a half and inspire your team as they regroup and try to mount a comeback — I can understand the sentiment about the video. Failure of such magnitude takes a special something. It’s not something you can plan for. Don’t get me wrong, the potential disaster of the perhaps the most boneheaded special teams play of the season (considering Mike Tomlin, that’s saying something) should’ve been evident in its planning, but perhaps the coaching staff told themselves there’s just no way things could go that wrong.

Yeah, about that.

And hey, at least the Giants didn’t score a touchdown after the interception, right? Small victories, folks. Small victories.

The Heat Are Really, Really, Really Bad

17 field goals. SEVENTEEN. That’s all the Miami Heat — as a team — could must after four quarters of basketball last night in Boston. They finished 17-59, although, they were without Shawn Marion, who is out with back-spasms and Dwyane Wade, who’s out for the season.

Seven… I say, seventeen son (Foghorn Leghorn)… or only four more than David West had last night against the Raptors. In the Warriors/Mavericks game and Josh Howard and Monta Ellis combined to make 26 out of 51 baskets.

How bad is your team when two players in another game can out-shoot the nine players Pat Riley used in Heat/Celtics game?

Oh wait, he was watching college basketball. I guess he’s not to blame. Moving on.

The game was so bad, not one of the Celtics big three played longer than 25 minutes. A normal NBA game is, of course, 48. This means the Heat were so very bad, the Celtics only needed their starters for what amounts to one half of basketball.

Futility, a state that’s captured brilliantly in this photo of Ricky Davis, captures all that needs to be said about Miami’s effort quite nicely:

Ricky Davis

Paul Pierce summed it up thusly, “They got D-Leaguers out there, so I think we just handled our business.”