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Posts Tagged ‘Jonny Flynn’

Jonny Flynn Likes Windmills

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We’re suckers for NBA Summer League basketball, and it’s becoming something of an epidemic. Granted, the play is NOTHING like what you’ll see in this fall and winter from the seasoned professionals, but it does allow us to fantasize about how a new player (Or a younger one who didn’t get a lot of clock the previous season. See Randolph, Anthony.) will fit in the upcoming season.

With that in mind, allow me to bask in the glory of Jonny Flynn and his eye-popping athletic ability, something he demonstrated quite nicely with a nasty windmill dunk against the Chicago Bulls summer team. Of course, with the Ricky Rubio drama still going on, it’s hard to tell exactly what Minnesota has planned for their two rookie point guards; especially if Rubio’s European contract is bought out.

For some reason — Flynn is listed at 6 feet tall, while Rubio is 6-4 — I don’t see these two forming the starting backcourt. Unless, of course, stopping the other team’s isn’t that big of premium in the Twin Cities. For now, we can simply enjoy the skill and ability Flynn brings to the game. Here’s hoping an ugly relationship, predicated on Rubio’s handling, doesn’t spoil what looks like a promising NBA career.

H/t to Ballhype for the find.

So Long, Jonny Flynn

Jonny Flynn, the best Syracuse point guard since Sherman Douglas, is foregoing his remaining college eligibility and entering the NBA Draft. Flynn has also signed with an agent, meaning there’s no going back to school for the high-flier. Flynn joins backcourt mate Eric Devendorf and forward Paul Harris, all of whom elected to test the NBA waters. Of the three, Harris was the only Orange not to sign with an agent.

The departure of Flynn and Devendorf leaves Syracuse’s guard cupboard pretty bare. Unfortunately for Jim Boeheim, there’s not much coming in, recruiting-wise, to replace players of Flynn and Devendorf’s caliber. Additionally, what once looked like a promising 2009-10 season for the Orange now looks like a rebuilding effort.

For the record, Flynn signed with Leon Rose of Creative Artists Agency Sports, otherwise known as the representation service of LeBron James. Apparently, Flynn signed with Rose at the behest of James, which leads me to this question: Is it ethical for current NBA stars to recruit amateur athletes on behalf of the agency that represents them? I wonder what Boeheim thinks about LeBron’s advice?

Jonny Flynn’s Discounted Windmill

Syracuse point guard Jonny Flynn had quite the productive weekend, helping his Orange reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament after consecutive trips to the NIT. During the Orange’s beatdown of Stephen F. Austin and Arizona State, Flynn had 27 points and 14 assists (9 turnovers), and one breakaway windmill dunk that didn’t count but looked good anyway, even with the four-step travel featuring a traveling violation . ranks right up there with any walking violation committed by Duke this season.

Let’s put it this way, Flynn picks up his dribble at the top of the key and doesn’t take off until he’s passed the free throw line — around the hash marked part of the free throw circle — after what looks like at least four steps. Granted, taking away those two points would not have affected the outcome of the game; but just once, it would be nice to see the correct call being made more times than not.

Jonny Flynn Will Dunk on You, Your Mom and Her Whole Family

Just how good is Jonny Flynn of Syracuse? True, we all know he can dunk the hell out of the basketball, especially on players from Rutgers, but athletic ability aside for a second–is Flynn the best point guard in the Big East, if not the country? No offense to the Ty Lawsons of the world, but Flynn certainly has a dog in this fight. Furthermore, Flynn compares quite nicely to the aforementioned Lawson, expect in the turnover department.

Meanwhile, Lawson is junior playing on one of the more talented teams in the ACC–before conference play began, anyway–while Flynn is only a sophomore. The one place Flynn gets a definite nod above Lawson is in the athletic department. Yes, Lawson is cat-quick, but I don’t remember him dunking over the entire Rutgers roster either.

The Mysterious Headband of Wayne Chism

Wayne Chism

Some things in life defy description: Stuff like Tila Tequila, naming your child after a mass-murderer and then getting mad when stores say “go sex yourself” because you asked for personalized birthday cakes; the popularity of Nickelback — I could go on. However, there is one such anomaly that goes so far, it seems to defy the very laws of physics:

Wayne Chism’s headband.

More on Wayne Chism’s haberdashery after the jump >>