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Joe Johnson Has Something For LeBron

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Apparently, the debut of G-E-I-C-O-H-O-R-S-E at the NBA’s All Star festivities has had some carry over to the second half of the season. At least it did for Joe Johnson. Johnson was one of the participants in the playground game, and now, he’s challenging others who have made trick-like shots. One such player, LeBron James, made a beyond half court shot the other day while he was warming up. Joe Johnson couldn’t take that sitting down. Or could he?

If we are going by the video, then yes, Johnson will take it sitting down. In fact, his challenge to James is predicated on having a seat — where he then makes a 3-point basket, essentially telling LeBron to “top that.”

Another trick shot after the jump >>

Atlanta To Boston: It Ain’t Gonna Be Easy

Joe Johnson and Josh Smith

Who would’ve thought this would happen — besides, perhaps the Atlanta Hawks players? Who would thought the Hawks would actually be able to challenge, let alone win two games, against the best regular season team in the NBA, the Boston Celtics? If you say “you did,” you’re lying. Hell, even the Atlanta fans couldn’t have believed this.

Of course, the Hawks aren’t known for having the most supportive fans.

That is, until the NBA Playoffs come along. Then they act like Hawks lifers. Ah, the bandwagon. Ain’t it a wonderful thing? Conversely, it does help your fanhood when you have a couple of players to attach your wagon to and the Hawks have just that in Joe Johnson and Josh Smith.

After being down by 10 points to start the 4th quarter, Smith and Johnson single-handedly brought the Hawks back to tie the series at two. I say single-handedly because in the 4th, the Hawks scored a whopping 32 points. ALL of them by Johnson and Smith. No Mike Bibby. No Josh Childress. All Smith and Johnson.

Quick, raise your hands if you thought the Celtics could get beat by two players. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Here’s another query — raise your hands if you EVER thought Kevin Garnett would back down from an opposing player getting in his face after KG initiated the whole thing.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you too.

Speaking of KG, where the heck were you in the 4th quarter, Big Ticket? Certainly not leading your team to victory… One thing’s for sure, whatever you or I thought about this series has certainly changed.


After last night’s 97-92 Hawks victory, the Celtics are facing something they haven’t all year: a little bit of adversity. How will the “Boston 3-Party” respond when they get back to Beantown, especially if Atlanta shows up with the same confidence they’ve shown at home? Speaking of confidence, how is Boston’s? Knowing they got turned away by two players has to sting.

Will they be able to recover or will the Hawks continue to shock the living hell out of the rest of the NBA Playoff audience? As you can imagine, Celtics fans are flabbergasted by this two-game outcome, much like the beat writers who cover the Hawks are. However, the levels of flabbergasted-ness run from one extreme (negative) to the other.

Boston’s perspective:

And instead of flashing gang symbols, maybe Paul Pierce should practice free throws or make some clutch baskets. While I am it, I’ll say that dope Mike Woodson is out-coaching Doc Rivers. And f**k you again Chris Wallace for trading Joe Johnson. We’re still paying for the mistakes that piece of s**t GM made 6 years ago. I’ll lose my mind if I hear another moron say Tony Allen is a lockdown defender and should have been covering Johnson in the 4th quarter. How about someone stepping into the lane and hacking Johnson? Maybe Doc could have tried this unique concept called a double-team?

I love it when fans get riled up at their team. It makes for some of the best sports reading out there.