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Posts Tagged ‘Jim Knox’

Jim Knox Gets Killed During Pre-Game. Again.

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Perhaps Fox Sports’ Jim Knox should start doing his pre-game stuff from the safety of the press box, or perhaps outside of the stadium altogether, unless, of course, he enjoys getting absolutely blasted by fan/team traditions. Whether it’s falling off a couch upheld by Kansas State fans or his latest adventure which saw Knox get drilled while trying to stay out of the way while taking part in the running of Ralphie, the live buffalo mascot for the Colorado Buffaloes, when Knox is around, one should have the medics on stand-by alert.

As indicated, Knox’s latest run-in with team traditions saw him get blasted by one of Ralphie’s handlers while following the crowd of runners as they made their way around the field. The results were about what you’d expect, especially when Knox is involved:

And then there’s this classic, featuring Knox, K-State fans and a couch. Look out below:

While it’s hard not to appreciate Knox’s tenacity, at some point, concern about his quality of life needs to come into play. I will say this, however, if he would’ve done that couch stunt in West Virginia, he might not have lived to tell his tale because of him being burned to death.

Minor victories, and all that.

Weekly Pwnage: Jim Knox

A word of warning for FSN sideline reporter Jim Knox:

When you are trying to be cool and embrace rowdy fans, make sure you know what you are doing. Relying on a bunch of rowdy (and probably trashed) college students for you safety while you attempt to couch surf isn’t the smartest thing in the world. In fact, you may wind up getting dumped on your head.

Congratulations Jim, you are the second winner of the Intentional Foul Weekly Pwnage Award, something you definitely deserve after your sterling attempt at couch surfing. A word of advice: don’t expect college students to hold you up when are trying to be cool for the cameras.

Jim Knox, consider yourself pwned.

H/t to JoeSportsFan for the find.