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Posts Tagged ‘Jessica Simpson’

Eagles Fans Really Don’t Like The Cowboys

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…As evidenced by this site. In case you haven’t seen it, is a friendly little gathering of folks who absolutely despise the Dallas Cowboys. Judging by this picture gracing their index page, it’s safe to say these fine fellows are also followers of Philadelphia Eagles, a team with a “good-natured” NFC East rivalry with Dallas.

They, of course, love them some Jessica Simpson and aren’t shy about using other images to let their feelings about Dallas be known:

Roy Williams

Ahhh. Aren’t sports rivalries fun? H-T to Bleeding Green Nation for pointing this out.

The Dallas Cowboys Season, Condensed

I stumbled across this video a little while ago on Yardbarker and does a humorous job of wrapping up what started out as a very successful season for “America’s Team.” Unfortunately for Dallas fans, the Cowpokes didn’t end their season with the same zeal they started with. In a nice display of potential irony, the Cowboys last game was, of course, a loss to the New York Giants—the same Giants they hung 45 points on to open the season.

I think it’s fair to say the Giants made up for losing their season opener. Anyway, here’s a video recapping Dallas’ season… in eight seconds (just enough time for a couple of Jessica Simpson references).

Hat-tip to DaWong1 for the find.

No Jessica For Cowboys/Giants Game

Jessica AmbitionMuch to the dismay of bloggers everywhere, Tony Romo’s personal succubus (there’s got to be a morning after), Jessica Simpson, won’t be in attendance on Sunday when the Cowboys battle the Giants.

While some folks are taking bets on whether or not she will be there, word from Daisy Duke’s publicist is she won’t be.

Apparently, Jess will be at home working on more stuff for her father to pimp… well, that or working on a new album. Maybe she’ll be working on a sequel to Blonde Ambition, seeing how successful the first one was. If any of you Giants fans are thinking of driving down to Texas Stadium on Sunday and would like to remind Tony about who is and who isn’t at the game, we have just the thing for you.

Who would’ve thought it would take Miss Chicken-of-the-Sea to outshine all that is Terrell Owen’s ankle. Maybe Donovan could’ve used one of those while T.O. was in Philly…

Are Tony and Jessica Faking?

JessicaThere’s a rumor going around that the apparent made-for-TV relationship of Jessica Simpson and Dallas QB Tony Romo may all be a publicity stunt for an upcoming Pizza Hut Super Bowl commercial… to which I say, “God, please make it stop.”

According to Cele|bitchy, Star Magazine’s print edition is set to report the All-American couple may indeed be faking it at the behest of Joe Simpson, the notoriously hands-on father of Jessica. The “details” are in the linked post and it does go on to say the two are in talks with Pizza Hut about a presumed commercial.

Whether this is true or not, there’s no telling. Although, I do have a hard time believing Romo would allow himself to be manipulated like this, especially by a potential significant other’s father/manager. But, I have been wrong before. Many times.

Will Jessica Ruin Romo?

While the Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo news continues to burn itself into our subconscious, the folks at would like to remind the Dallas quarterback about the flack his little decision caused whenever the opportunity presents itself, including games. Especially games.

To assist in this process, they’ve created a downloadable PDF featuring a cut-out of Miss Simpson herself and are inviting fans of every opposing team left on Dallas’ schedule to use it.

Jessica Mask is also nice enough to list the team that would benefit from a potential Romo breakdown-Minnesota, Green Bay, NY Giants, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Tampa Bay. If you are a non-Cowboy fan, don’t forget to get yours.

Hat-tip to FanHouse for the find (via Mr Irrelevant).