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Posts Tagged ‘Jerseys’

LeBron For Six

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LeBron is looking for a change. He’s had enough of the same environment, and now he’s looking to move on. So get ready, LeBron fans, to make some major changes to your wardrobe; one that was built out of a desire to worship at the altar of King James. You know? Someone like this guy. Anyway, if you love/covet LeBron, it’s time to prepare yourself for some change.

Does 23 = 6 after the jump >>

Favre Has The Best Selling Jersey

Brett Favre Jerseys

Reebok has released information concerning the best-selling jerseys in the NFL, along with a map showing the proliferation of said jerseys. Not surprisingly, the highest-selling jersey belongs to Brett Favre, however, what I found surprising are the different states expressing their love for Minnesota’s carpetbagger. The fact that Favre has the northern states locked down is not unexpected; although, seeing him having the most popular jersey in a state like Florida is.

In fact, Favre has the most popular jersey in states like Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana (over folks like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne), Oklahoma, Colorado (over the Broncos), Utah and Nevada.

More on NFL jersey sales after the jump >>

It’s A Michael Vick World

Vick Jerseys

And apparently, we are all just living in it. Has your Vick/Eagles jersey arrived yet? Worry not. Just throw on an old Falcons jersey of his. Straight Cash Homey won’t mind at all. As with anything as polarizing as Michael Vick, there are a variety of opinions on his debut against the Jaguars.



Which side of the coin do you pick?

Coming Soon? (Brett Favre)

Favre Jersey

Amid all the “Favre signs Vikings contract” rumor and denial hubbub, there was this little gem:

“The report also stated that the Vikings have authorized Reebok to begin making Favre jerseys bearing the No. 4.”

If this is indeed true, Bus Cook’s word doesn’t mean that much at all. In other news, I have to wonder how the makers of this sign feel.

Favre's Journey

Probably a lot like Big Daddy Drew did.

Some Bengals Fans Are Done With Ocho Cinco

When you are throwing a franchise under a bus — a franchise that’s given you a great deal of leeway when it comes to on-field antics — remember, you are throwing the fanbase under the bus as well. To say Chad Johnson was a fan-favorite would be like saying Michael Jordan could play basketball. While correct, it doesn’t quite capture the magnitude of either subject.

Chad Johnson’s jerseys sold like hot cakes to the Cincinnati faithful (yes, there are some) and now that he’s decided he’s bigger than the franchise, at least one of these fans has had enough.

Good luck trying to get out of the Queen City, Chad. It’s obvious the potential salary cap hit means more to Bengals front-office than your happiness does. Besides, I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on inside the mind of a receiver who would risk going to a bad team without a proven quarterback over catching passes from Carson Palmer.

That just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; much like the Monday Night Football/Hall of Fame jacket Johnson donned last season.

H/T to You Been Blinded for the find.

Update: Using Chad Johnson jerseys as fuel for a fire isn’t the only thing being done with them. SBB has more.