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Shawn Marion: Thanks for the Dunk, Now Please Leave

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I actually doubt anything that rude happened, but the point remains: After dunking the Miami Heat to victory over the Bulls last night, Shawn Marion (and Marcus Banks) have been traded to the Toronto Raptors for Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon in what seems like a sideways move. Yes, O’Neal can still play the game, but he’s not the post presence a team builder like Pat Riley wants. It almost seems like Marion and Banks weren’t enough to entice Toronto to come off Chris Bosh, so the Heat settled for O’Neal, who again, is not as effective as he was in previous seasons.

The addition of Moon gives Miami some added depth, but the move still feels sideways only. This is not the kind of deal that puts either team over the top or moves them into the “contender” category.

The trade still needs to receive league approval before it’s official.

Not So Fast On Jermaine O’Neal?

Jermaine O'Neal

More news from the land of the NBA Draft:

Sounds like the Jermaine O’Neal deal to Toronto is not set in stone. In fact, some might label it “speculation.” Is this another case of team management getting upset word was leaked to the media, so they pull the plug on the whole thing? You know, ala Doug Collins and Les Miles.

Actually, the issue holding the trade is related to T.J. Ford’s injury and something about the base-year of his contract — the NBA’s salary manifesto gives me a headache. Both players also need to pass a physical before any trades are approved. If the deal isn’t announced during tonight’s draft, Indiana will have the 11th pick with Toronto at 17.

The original trade had the Raptors shipping the 17th pick to Indiana for the rights to O’Neal.

NBA Draft Update

Jermaine O'NealWith the NBA Draft being tonight, there’s a bunch of stuff going on the day of. Things like Jermaine O’Neal moving to Canada (for T.J. Ford and the 17th pick among others) and the continued rumbles about Miami not being enamored with Michael Beasley. We also have news of the Blazers trying to move up for Texas point guard, D.J. Augustin. Apparently, they are trying work a package deal with one or two of their thousands of draft picks they’ve accumulated these past few seasons.

In other words, just another day the NBA Draft office. The great thing is all of this hubbub just makes tonight’s festivities all the more interesting.

So what else can we expect? Now that Jermaine O’Neal is out of play, will Cleveland try to find another team to make a deal with or do they think they can find LeBron’s much-needed running mate with pick number 19? Currently, the belief seems to be the Cavaliers will select Robin Lopez, a serviceable player but I don’t think he’s the Robin to LeBron’s Batman he so desperately needs, except in name only.

What about the team hosting the draft? Can the New York Knicks get a player that might just let hope return to the listing franchise? How would an MSG crowd respond to the announcement Danilo Gallinari was joining their team? I would think a player like Jerryd Bayless, Russell Westbrook or Joe Alexander would impress the New York faithful more. We’ll just have to see tonight.

So there you go. Some storylines to be aware of as the day progresses — what will Miami do with their pick? Will Chicago come out smelling like a Rose or looking like a Beast(ely)?

The fun begins at 7/6 Central and I’ll be here with some live coverage. Oh yeah, here’s a nifty NBA Draft drinking game to help you enjoy the event.