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Posts Tagged ‘Jeannine Edwards’

Jeannine Edwards Has the Last Laugh

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Jeannine Edwards

Last season, thanks to some unnecessary surliness from then-Kentucky head coach Billy Gillispie, Jeannine Edwards found herself in the middle of a little sports blog notoriety. Granted, public opinion was on Edwards’ side, but it did become a defining moment for her role as sideline reporter for ESPN.

In case your memory needs refreshing, Edwards asked Gillispie about a poor scoring half for Jodie Meeks — who had recently scored 54 points against the University of Tennessee — and Edwards was greeted with attitude and unsolicited opinion about her reporting style (Gillispie arrogantly said Edwards query was “a bad question”). Thanks to the sports blogosphere, the moment was replayed over and over and over again.

Video of Edwards having fun with Gillispie’s comments after the jump >>

Billy Gillispie’s Curtain Call?

Billy Gillispie

Was last night’s loss to Notre Dame Billy Gillispie’s last game coaching the University of Kentucky? If you listen to the mounds and mounds of speculation, the answer doesn’t look positive for Gillispie, provided he even wants to stay in Lexington (link goes to PTI podcast). Did I mention there are mounds and mounds of information and speculation about Gillispie’s future? Observe:

A Sea Of Blue
Sports Frog
Rush The Court
True Blue Kentucky
Kentucky Sports Radio (they themselves have quite a bit of information)
Larry Vaught (longtime UK scribe)
ESPN (the sports site of the LHL)
Fox Sports

More on Gillispie’s future after the jump >>