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Posts Tagged ‘Jay Bilas’

Shooting Down Dick (March Madness)

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While we are waiting on Yahoo to get their Tournament Pick ‘Em in working order, we thought it would be fun to watch Dick Vitale’s mid-major argument get attacked by Jay Bilas. Vitale was upset about the apparent snubbing of St. Mary’s–while using it as a platform to defend mid-majors everywhere–and he let his position be known. Unfortunately, Jay Bilas was in studio, and because Bilas watches more than just ACC basketball, he’s probably in a better position to argue seedings and selections.

Except here.

Vitale’s point about Arizona is quite valid. Yes, St. Marys went on a losing streak towards the end of their regular season–never a good thing; just ask NIT-bound Kentucky–but that does not explain why Arizona deserved the bid. Or why they too aren’t in the NIT.

Apparently, all that RPI talk doesn’t mean as much after all. Oh yes. The NCAA Tournament is officially back. And for the first time probably ever, I’ll be watching the postseason NIT.

Talk about a humbling thought.

Hansbrough Doesn’t Have Senioritis

Not so fast there, fellas.

When we last saw the hardest working player in college basketball ever, his team was getting absolutely smashed by the Kansas Jayhawks in the Final Four. Apparently, that was enough to motivate him to return to Chapel Hill for his senior season.

Tyler Hansbrough

Hopefully, the Jay Bilases and Dick Vitales of the world will be able to contain their excitement.

Player of the Weak: Greg Paulus and Mike Patrick

There isn’t a lot of love for the Duke Blue Devils outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium and after viewing this video posted by Awful Announcing of Paulus’ actions against Florida State last night, it’s easy to see why:

Of course, ESPN’s Mr. ACC, Mike Patrick, comes to the defense of Paulus like it’s his son out there on the floor. Thank goodness Jay Bilas was there to point out the fact that during the first incident, the Florida State player didn’t do anything that warranted Paulus’ flopping around like a fish out of water. The second incident looked like a result of the match-up getting testy as players were wrestling around for a loose ball.

Naturally, while Patrick is trying to point out the ills of Ryan Reid (“He threw a punch!!!” No Mike, he did not.), Mr Paulus looks like he’s trying to kick another Florida State player. You stay classy, Greg. It kinda sucks being an instigator and getting roughed up as a result, doesn’t it?

Much to Patrick’s delight, Duke wound up beating the Seminoles, 70-57. Mr Irrelevant has more on this very subject.