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Posts Tagged ‘Jason Whitlock’

Wow, Really? (Turner Gill)

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Fire Turner Gill

The Kansas Jayhawk football team has found its replacement for the fired Mark Mangino, and apparently, he’s already worn out whatever welcome fans had prepared for him. Granted, Gill’s only been on the job for about two days, but obviously, that’s enough time to make a value judgement as to whether or not he’s worthy of being hired. So what’s the logical step when your “team” (funny, there wasn’t this much outcry about the KU football program until their BCS Bowl) makes what you consider to be a bad hire?

Start a Fire Turner Gill site, naturally.


***The site is actually run by a Georgia resident and not KU fans.***

Apparently, the beef with Gill — I mean, besides ignorance, because, lets face it, KU fans had no clue who this guy was two weeks ago — is he isn’t a proven enough winner and doesn’t deserve a shot a such a football program that recently had a taste of postseason success that’s held in such high regard around the country. In the minds of some Kansas City sports radio jockeys, a Saturday article from Jason Whitlock discussing Gill has something to do with the sentiments of rejection towards KU’s new football coach.

Of course, some of these unhappy fans forgot to read Whitlock’s closing sentiments, which said Gill has two seasons to win him over. Or maybe they mistook “years” for “days,” while taking those Jim Harbaugh rumors directly to heart. Um yeah, about that: Did you really think Harbaugh was going to agree to a sideways move after making Stanford relevant again?

Besides, Harbaugh’s got an incredible bathroom at his disposal. How can KU compete with such amenities?

Serena Gives Good Interview

Yeah, this is a little dated, considering the way time works in the blogosphere, but nevertheless, I found it quite entertaining. And truthful; although, this is just the audio portion of Serena Williams’ post-Wimbledon victory press conference. One thing’s for certain: The picture placeholder being used is quite keen, if, for nothing else, for Serena’s awesome “Are You Looking At My Titles” t-shirt. Perhaps the shirt — and its message — was meant for Jason Whitlock as a preemptive retaliation; because we all know he is indeed looking.

Just not at her titles.

In other news, how in all that’s holy is Serena not the number one women’s player in the world? Perhaps she should get some senators in on the action — once they get done straightening out the BCS.

/Stifles laughter