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Posts Tagged ‘Jason Terry’

Jason Terry Reminds Us: Only Two More Days of NBA

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Jason Terry’s game-winning shot against Minnesota last night — specifically, Sebastian Telfair, who got absolutely faked out of his sneakers — not only won the game, but it also moved the Dallas Mavericks out of the dreaded eighth playoff spot. The Utah Jazz now face the prospect of playing Kobe and the gang when the playoffs start on Saturday. Oddly enough, Utah plays their last game of the season tonight against said Lakers in Los Angeles. If they want to entertain chances of not seeing them in the first round, the Jazz have to win tonight and hope Dallas loses to Houston on Wednesday.

These factors make Terry’s shot that much bigger. The Mavericks match up well with all of the teams fighting for the second seed; currently occupied by Denver. If they maintain their seventh seeding, provided New Orleans doesn’t lose their last game while Dallas wins, the Mavericks would be in a good position for a run to the Conference Finals.

Of course, the same logic is true for any Western Conference team in the second-seed side of the bracket.

In light of the all this Western Conference leap-frogging going on, it’s hard not to look at the Eastern Conference and all laugh. If Dallas, New Orleans or Utah played in the East, they’d be high seeds going into the playoffs, while teams like Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia would miss the playoffs entirely — unless they were allowed to defect to the Western Conference as reciprocation for losing the Jazz, Mavericks and Hornets.

If that happened, Chicago and Philly would push Golden State and Minnesota aside and Shaq would be Twittering about “carrying” Phoenix to the NBA Playoffs. With that in mind, perhaps this type of nonsensical realignment is best for all parties involved.

Chris Paul Goes Between Jason Terry

In order for New Orleans to get their sixth win in a row last night, the Hornets had to go through the Dallas Mavericks. Apparently, Chris Paul took that advice to heart, so he demonstrated what he learned as he went around Jason Terry in the open court, courtesy of a filthy between-the-legs dribble. Not his own, however. He dribbled through Jason Terry’s.

Just another day on the job for Paul, who finished with 27 points, 15 assists (accounting for at least 57 of New Orleans’ 104 points). As for the Hornets, after last night’s win, they are now two games back of the overall second seed for the Western Conference playoffs, trailing only Denver and San Antonio. Of course, the Lakers have the overall lead by almost nine games. Don’t see any of those three teams catching Kobe and the Gang.

However, the idea of a New Orleans/Los Angeles conference final does sound incredibly appetizing (no offense to the Nuggets or the Spurs).