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Posts Tagged ‘Jared Allen’

Aaron Rodgers Needs Some Protection

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Aaron Rodgers

In two games, Green Bay quarterback has been sacked 9.5 times by only two players: Cincinnati’s Antwan Odom sacked Rodgers five times in Week 2, and last night against the Minnesota Vikings, Jared Allen sacked Rodger 4.5 times, including one for a safety. In fact, the Vikings sacked Rodgers a total of eight times, meaning the Packers severely need to address their offensive line, or, at the very least, pay closer attention to what blocking schemes that aren’t working.

As you do a little more research, you find he’s been sacked a total of 20 times in 4 games.

Through it all, however, Rodgers has kept his passer rating over the 100-point mark. Imagine what that could be like if he didn’t spend half the game running from the Jared Allens of the world? When he has and/or makes time, Rodgers will unleash something like this:

Unfortunately for Packers fans, if your quarterback is getting sacked an average of five times a game, it means his time in the pocket is awfully limited. Perhaps on their next draft, the Packers front office won’t wait until the fourth round to address their pass protection issues.

Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Care About the Vikings QB

Rodgers and Favre

There’s a game of some significance on tonight as the Green Bay Packers travel to the Twin Cities to play the Minnesota Vikings, and in case you haven’t heard, you should be obsessed with who is playing quarterback for the Vikings and how that fact might effect the Packers, their fans, and the free world in general. I believe there’s some history between the Packers and their opposing quarterback. One player, however, who hasn’t noticed is Aaron Rodgers, who says:

“I didn’t watch the film of him. I just watched the Vikings’ defense.”

Take that, hype monsters of the world. Aaron Rodgers isn’t falling for your shenanigans and refuses to get caught up in any he-said/Favre-said. Besides, if you have to deal with Jared Allen bearing down on your knees for three straight hours, watching Brett Favre throw the ball is probably the least of your worries.

Jared Allen Helps Carl Peterson Out the Door

Jared Allen

While biding his time in Kansas City, obviously, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen had little use for Carl Peterson. A lot of his animosity probably came from the contract extension issue, although getting 8.8 million for one season after getting franchised isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to a person.

Jared Allen reflects on Carl Peterson after the jump >>

Athletes Surf Obama Wave

CP3 Obama Shoes

The news of Obama’s election spread like wildfire throughout the world, including the professional sports realm. Many well known sports figures weren’t afraid to share their joy for this momentous event, something Chris Paul did with his shoes. Fans weren’t immune to the Obama wave either.

Suffice to say, even though these professional athletes make more money than Scrooge McDuck and face potentially increased taxes under Obama, that did not stop them from enjoying such a historical moment — everyone except maybe Jared Allen, who voiced concern over potentially higher taxes.

Video of reactions to Obama after the jump >>

Kansas City Chiefs Want Perfect Attendance

Jared AllenAs Head Coach Herm Edwards continues to move the crowd as an ESPN analyst, the people running the team are apparently grasping at straws to ensure fans don’t abandon the team like they did towards the end of the season (nine-game losing streaks can do that). So, what goodies have they offered Chiefs fans to entice them to come to Arrowhead?

Is it the promise of improvement? Nope. Did they offer a weekend hang-out package with Jared Allen and his Samson-like mullet (although, I’m not sure the Chiefs insurance would cover the potential fall-out)? Nope. Did they promise to at least improve their offense? No, again. Lower ticket prices? See a pattern?

So what, pray tell, did the Chiefs front-office come up with to attract fans who are unhappy with the direction of the franchise? Hats. That’s right. Hats. If you are a KC season ticket holder and you use your entire allotment, you will be rewarded with a “commemorative ball cap remembering Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt…”

Now before you clog up their bandwidth with ticket requests, there’s more. These hats are limited edition and will not be available to the general public, meaning you and the rest of your “Perfect Attendance” brethren can wear your hat with the knowledge that no one else but you all will have them.

KC fans, are you excited yet? Does the promise of free haberdashery get you pumped for next season? Considering that season tickets start at $390 and extend up to $1100, that has to be one of the most expensive “free giveaways” I’ve ever seen. And just think, you’ll only have to sit through eight games of mediocrity to receive one of these gems. With that in mind, I ask the Chiefs fans again:

Excited yet?