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Apparently, when you become MVP of the NBA, you develop a tendency to show up. Everywhere. Just ask Kobe Bean. Before he won the award, he was making headlines with the viral video of him jumping over the Aston Martin. Now we have a new video of Kobe and some of the Jackass crew. Something about snakes, portable swimming pools and broad jumps being involved.

Man, that looked real…

Personally, I like the Aston Martin video better and I also have a feeling some viewers wanted to see him wind up in the water, especially the Spurs fans. Tips to The 700 Level among others.

Oh yeah. There also a video of Kobe being interviewed by Ron Artest for The Best Damn Sports Show Period. I wasn’t sure what to make of this when first heard about it, but it doesn’t come off very badly at all. Both seem to be having a good time, although, part of me wishes Kobe would’ve thrown a plastic cup at Ron. Who knows what could’ve happened if he did? Another “Malice at the Palace” perhaps?

H/t to SbB (via YBB)