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You know what tonight is. Don’t act like you don’t. It’s almost like God cleared the schedule so the return of the NBA doesn’t have any other sport to get in its way. To start the celebration (more coming), here are some YouTubes of commercials that inspired this post’s title. NBA Action! IT’S FANTASTIC.

More NBA Action after the jump >>

NBA Playoffs: It’s Fantastic

Playoff Bracket

Now that the Madness of College Basketball has come to a close (quick, tell me who won the National Championship*), we are moving on to the real deal where basketball supremacy is earned via grueling 7-game series that resemble all-out brawls. There aren’t very many Stephen Curry/hot-shooting streak upsets in the NBA playoffs because the format favors the best team in the respective series.

What we have in the first round is, in the Western Conference:

* LA Lakers against the Nuggets
* New Orleans against Dallas
* San Antonio (your defending champs) against Phoenix in what promises to be one of the best first round match-ups this year
* Utah against Houston

In the East, your first round match-ups are:

* Boston/Atlanta
* Detroit/Philadelphia
* Orlando/Toronto
* Cleveland/Washington

There are a number of compelling stories to be considered when the NBA’s second (real?) season tips off on Saturday, some Mr. J.A. Adande did a great job of capsulizing. We’ll be back tomorrow with a closer look at each match-up and what you might expect from each game.

Until then, remember: NBA action — It’s FANTASTIC!!!

See what I mean?

*The National Championship question does not apply to KU fans.