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Irina Shayk
Luckiest lion. EVER.

Next up on our tour of SI’s Swimsuit Edition, 2009, is Irina Shayk. She has a tendency to make my vocabulary all Keanu Reeves like — that is, a lot of whoas. Because I know all of you are concerned about the accompanying text posts like these have, I’ll share a little bit about her: Irina is one of those Slavic beauties from Russia. She’s 23 years old — My God. Is that even fair? — and she likes dudes named “Chris Richardson.” She also hung the moon, scored 150 points at Madison Square Garden the other night and loves stomping the yard … Just checking to see if you are still with me.

I get the picture. Enough talk. More Iriana.

After the jump, Irina gets all kinds of sexy >>