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Posts Tagged ‘Intentional Foul Bracket Challenge’

IF Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge

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Bacon Bracket

How good does bacon go with basketball? Since bacon goes well with everything, the answer, is, of course, “just fantastic.” Seeing how it’s bracket challenge time, we thought it would be prudent for us to join in the fun. Join the IF Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge over at ESPN. I know, I know–yet another bracket you have to fill out. But wait. There’s incentive: the winner receives an already-prepared Bacon Explosion from the guys at BBQ Addicts.

That’s right. The winner gets all the pork they can handle, done up so eloquently in a roll of pure bacon-y, pork goodness. If you feel like testing that Final Four of Arizona, Utah State, American and Akron for a shot at all the bacon you can handle, step right up and submit your entry. The winning bracket will have a Bacon Explosion mailed to them at an address of their choosing, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you think gift cards, iPods and cash rewards are overrated and want to put your bracket-picking skills to a challenge with a true prize, make sure you join the IF Bacon Explosion Challenge.

You want the opportunity to win a lot of bacon, right? You like March Madness, right? Of course you do. Unlike the Dow, bacon’s only going to get bigger in 2009, so don’t miss your chance to win what has to be considered the standard bearer of bacon recipes.

Intentional Foul’s Bracket Challenge – Final Results

Well, the Intentional Foul Bracket Challenge has come to a close and guess what???? We have a WINNA!!! His name is N8Dogg, because, you know, 2-1-3 will regulate (if your ass is a buster, that is). Anyway, his email is hidden so if anyone knows who how to contact him, please let him know he’s now eligible for a free case of beer, courtesy of the Intentional Foul crew.

If he doesn’t collect, the next in line is Jake and I know where he is, so rewarding him won’t be a problem. Here are the final standings:

1. The Score – N8Dogg: 159 – 45 of 63
2. Jake D – Jacob D: 137 – 46 of 63
3. Dani’s bracket – daniellegowing: 136 – 44 of 63
4. I Like Free Beer – Jeff: 130 – 41 of 63
5. Where’s James Madison? – Ryan: 125 – 40 of 63

Thanks to everybody that participated and we’ll certainly be doing this again — maybe with the NBA Playoffs. We’ll see. Congratulations to the winners. I guess the key this year was to NOT pick any upsets… Unless you banked on Western Kentucky or San Diego.

Intentional Foul Bracket Update


Well, the Sweet Sixteen is set (I like WithLeather’s bracket a lot more than the standard inverted pyramid) and I hope your brackets are doing alright. I must be the only person in America to only miss two total picks in the East and South regions… and still be close to the bottom of a “league,” rankings-wise. I guess that’s what I get for completely beefing the Midwest and West brackets.

Anyway, here’s the top 10 standing for the Intentional Foul bracket challenge, complete with total points and total possible points and their selected National Champion:

1. Louie’s Sweaters (David Utter) – 51 out of 163 – North Carolina
2. Dave’s picks (dbrait2000) – 48 out of 144 – No National Champion selected
3. jankees suck (Matthew Liddell) – 48 out of 112 – Connecticut
4. Mr. Hand’s… (Chris Canjar) – 48 out of 104 – Pittsburgh
5. DCScrap (Doug Shecker) – 47 out of 171 – North Carolina
6. RussellHIFoul (Russ Hailwood) – 47 out of 143 – Kansas
7. RCS – Gut Picks (Robbie Gillies) – 45 out of 165 – North Carolina
8. Duff4 (duffke) – 45 out of 165 – North Carolina
9. Cleveland Steamers (Chad C) – 45 out of 165 – UCLA
10. Jake D (Jake Dubin) – 45 out of 165 – Kansas

As you can see, there are a great deal of tied scores going on here; something that should be cleared up by next Sunday… Although, I feel for dbrait. He’s in a position to win but forgot to select a National Champion. As for me, well, I’m 24th out of the 35. With a South and East region that’s almost perfect.

Maybe next time I’ll pay more attention to the West and Midwest because I want free beer too.

In all fairness, we should probably show the last place entry as well: In 35th place we have Yeah Right, who scored a whopping 11 points in the first two rounds. I’m thinking he didn’t care where he ended up either.

He has Kentucky as the National Champion. ;)

Some Housecleaning Today, Live Blogging Tomorrow and Friday

We are going to be slow-to-no posting for the rest of the day while we do some behind the scenes housecleaning. Remember, if you haven’t already, check out the Intentional Foul Yahoo Bracket Challenge. Our login info is as follows:

ID = 115876
PW = letmein

Remember, free beer* IS involved.

Also, we’ll be doing up-to-the-minute live-blogging and updating of tomorrow and Friday’s tournament activities. Drop in and give us a yell.

*The free beer will be rewarded with a payment in the amount of a case of beer of your choice… but let’s keep it reasonable and within the bounds of normalcy please. No Tutankhamen Brew or anything like that.

Intentional Foul Has Brackets Too: Free Beer

Nazr MohammedThat’s right folks. We here at Intentional Foul would be remiss if we didn’t start a Tournament Challenge as well. We aren’t remiss.

Because of the last-minute thing, we’ve decided to use Yahoo’s service to provide our Bracket Challenge, so head on over and join in the March Madness fun, Intentional Foul-style. Our league ID 115876 and the PW is letmein.

And guess what else? We have prizes!

The winner of our Bracket Challenge gets a case of beer (with link of said case… 12 oz size, please) — in the form of a PayPal deposit for the cost of a case of your choice; if you are under 21, we’ll limit the deposit to the cost of a case of soft drinks.

Also, if you have a blog, we’ll do a write-up/feature extolling the virtues of your work and winner-picking skills.

So if you aren’t already bracketed out and you want some free beer (or soft drinks) in April, join up and see if you can pick em. Again our league information is:

ID = 115876
PW = letmein

We look forward to kicking your collective ass. ;) Oh yeah, let me know if you have any problems accessing the group.