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Posts Tagged ‘Intentional Eye Candy’

The Swedes Are Better Soccer Fans Than You

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Swedish Fans

One thing’s for sure about these huge soccer tournaments, they certainly attract colorful fans. However, are there any more colorful (or more attractive) than the Swedish fans?

If you remember, they were brought to popularity by this fan’s appearance at the 2006 World Cup and since then, at every major soccer tournament Sweden takes part in, their attractive fans are sure to follow. Euro 2008 is no different.

Case in point:

Swedish Fans

Apparently, the female chest is a popular place to wear your team allegiances:

Swedish Fans

They even look great in groups:

Swedish Fans

Hell, not to be outdone by their female counterparts, even the guys get in on the act — but it’s with much less attractive results.

Intentional Eye Candy: Laisa Andrioli Makes Soccer Beautiful

Laisa Andrioli

By now, you’ve probably seen the pictures of Laisa Andrioli, a 20-year old soccer player for Brazil’s National Women’s team, going around the net. If not, you are in for a treat, especially when you consider her apparent allergies to articles of clothing. That’s right, Laisa made headlines and heads turn as she appeared in a men’s magazine wearing, well, not much at all… except maybe her Sunday suit.

You can see the pictures of Laisa here, but be warned, they are quite NSFW.

Really, I can’t think of anything else to add except for the fact that I could only find a couple of images to share with you because of her fondness of nudity. Although, the thought occurred to me that we could maybe get away with some pixelization if necessary. Alas, wiser heads prevailed so I’ll just leave you with these two images but I would suggest you checking out the rest of her pictorial.

It’s well worth the visit, as long as you won’t get into trouble. Congratulations on your IEC award, Laisa. Let’s hope there are more contributions from you or your teammates.

Laisa Andrioli

IEC: Memorial Day Edition

World Cup Hottie

You may remember our bikini-clad friend above from the 2006 World Cup. I believe she was at the Italy game or perhaps the Ghana match. Anyway, have a great Memorial Day weekend and be safe. If you need some more American flag bikini goodness, here’s a very patriotic Heidi Montag.

Gina Carano Will Still Crush You

We at are big fans of Gina Carano, so you can imagine our excitement when we came across a Muscle & Fitness video of Gina working out as she trains for her MMA career. Remember, she’s not just an American Gladiator. In the video Gina, who is 4-0 as a MMA participant, demonstrates some of the techniques she uses all while maintaining her incredibly attractive appearance.

Nothing from nothing, but I’m think the guy she’s sparring with is one lucky SOB. It’s not everyday a guy gets to have Gina Carano’s legs wrapped around them… OK, I may have embellished that thought a little, but you get the idea. While she’s still American Gladiating, Gina’s also preparing for a May 31st MMA bout with Kaitlin Young, which will be shown on the CBS premiere of EliteXC Saturday Night Fights.

I just hope they make liberal use of their leg grappling skills.

Intentional Eye Candy: Alona Bondarenko

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot more hotter women’s tennis players than we are led to believe. One such player we’ve already discussed in Elena Dementieva; and now we have Alona Bondarenko (Hooked on Fonix werked 4 me), another stunner from the Slavic region of the globe.

Alona Bondarenko

But like I indicated, these examples aren’t the only ones.

In Alona’s case, she rose to blogger fame on the strength of her K-Swiss advertisement (above) that showed up a little while ago, well, that and her ability to hit a tennis ball. However, in the case of the blogosphere, it was probably more for the K-Swiss image.

Eh, we are what we are. ;) Without further adieu, I present more Alona Bondarenko. Congratulations on your IEC award.

Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko

Bonus: a video comparison of Alona and Maria Sharapova for your Friday enjoyment.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Monica Gonzalez

So says Monica Gonzalez, the sweeper from the Women’s National Team of Mexico. I’m sure she’s enjoying today’s festivities. I hope you do too.

See more Monica here.

Arizona State Is Keeping Cheerleading

ASU Cheerleaders

It seems the Arizona State cheerleading squad isn’t getting punished for their foray into the world of risqué Internet images. They are being absorbed by another department.
No cheer positions are being cut but some of the more athletic activities such as stunts and tumbling were being eliminated for safety reasons. That might mean that some cheerleaders whose strength was in the athletic areas may not make the new squad — I have no idea.

The photo in question appeared just recently on the Internet. A univeristy official confirmed that the women were either former or current squad members. The decision on the cheerleading squad coming under different oversight was announced mid-week. A university spokesman said the timing of the two events was “totally coincidental.”

So there you have it. I guess this is good news for all the other cheerleading squads that are wanting to have some sexy time, complete with digital cameras, MySpace, Facebook and Flickr.

And you, my friends, will be the beneficiaries.

Intentional Eye Candy: Arizona State Cheerleader Edition

This week’s IEC is dedicated to the now-defunct Arizona State University cheerleading squad, a group who was removed from the school because of some “racy” photos that showed up here. A little bit of an overreaction, no? I understand the concept of decency but I also understand the concept of having a good time and having a little fun with a sexual side of flavor added.

ASU Cheerleaders

Apparently, the ASU athletic director doesn’t share the same outlook as I do. It’s funny, the above picture is one of the only risqué ones of the bunch. Others were like this:

ASU Cheerleaders

Which reminds us of the “White Chicks and Gang Signs” video. Not only did the ladies in the leaked pictures get removed from the ASU cheer squad, the AD kicked the entire team out, including those NOT in the pictures.

I suppose that means Lauren Thompson was a victim of the purging as well (unless she already graduated), which is so sad, it’s criminal.

Lauren Thompson

If you go to the ASU Spirit Squad page, instead of pictures of the lovely Lauren and the rest of the Sun Devils cheerleaders, you are greeted with this ominous message:

Thank you for your interest in the ASU Cheer and Mascot programs. Arizona State University Athletics and the Arizona State University Marching Band are working together to unite our spirit squads.

The combining of both our spirit squads into one group is intended to create synergy between our organizations that will assist in creating a home field advantage focused environment at Sun Devil Athletic events. The uniting of our squads will increase communication between those groups thereby creating a unified production at Sun Devil Athletic events. This will help enhance the experience for our fans and help further our commitment to promote a fun, family friendly environment at our events.

All because some of the team decided they’d get all sexified and take some pictures of themselves.

What. A. Crime.

However, the lesson being sent to the ASU cheerleaders and Matt Leinarts of the world is getting really, really clear — DON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR SHENANIGANS. If you are going to have a sexy party, make DAMN SURE the participants keep those camera phones and such away from the fun.

As far away as possible.