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Posts Tagged ‘Injuries’

Get Thee To The Waiver Wire

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Romo's Shoulder

The sad/bad news for Dallas Cowboys fans is also bad news for Tony Romo owners in fantasy football. Tony Romo’s broken clavicle not only breaks the rest of the Cowboys’ season — more than likely, anyway — he’s also caused a massive trend with the fantasy waiver. As of this posting, according to Yahoo Sports’ fantasy football page, there have already been 9404 adds of John Kitna and 12702 drops of Romo.

Clearly, even when their most recognizable player gets hurt, the Cowboys still move the needle. Of course, a major injury to a popular fantasy football starter has that effect.

As a non-Cowboy hater (not a fan, though), I’m not interested in kicking the franchise while its down. The same goes for Romo. Injuries in sports suck, even if it’s for a team people are currently loving to hate. Currently, Romo is expected to miss 6-8 weeks, and his teammates fully expect him to play again this season:

“Anybody who knows what kind of work ethic this guy has there’s no question,” Witten said. “People doubt him in many ways … but that guy is a fighter. He’ll bounce back.”

Granted, that could be a teammate who’s trying to make the best of a crappy situation, but it would be surprising if Romo doesn’t find his way back onto the field before the season ends. The question is, will the Cowboys have anything to play for by then?

Bradford To Play, Tebow Gamtime Decision

Sam Bradford
The two biggest mysteries heading into this weekend’s slate of college football is the status of Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. As we eluded to earlier, Bradford is indeed going to play against Baylor tomorrow. It will be his first action since he damaged his shoulder against BYU. As for the Tebow situation, he hasn’t been cleared by Florida’s doctors as of yet. He is, however, flying with the team to Baton Rogue, and won’t be completely ruled out — or in for that matter — until tomorrow.

In regards to the Sooners, they probably would’ve handled Baylor quite easily with hair-lipped Landry Jones, but Bradford wants game experience before next week’s mega-showdown with Texas. I’m curious to see how effective Bradford will be without his favorite target, Jermaine Gresham. Not only does Gresham’s absence loom, leading wide receiver Ryan Broyles is also out with a leg injury. While Bradford’s return will indeed be welcomed with open arms, the Sooners offense has a lot of question marks, and apparently, a growing chorus of doubters.

A reasonable approach, considering the Sooners didn’t field the most prolific offense ever in college football last season. Oh, wait.

As for Tebow and the Gators, if there’s not enough evidence he is healthy enough to play by now, he probably shouldn’t. Perhaps the Scot Brantley tale in today’s could ease their decision.

Of course, it could be just simple gamesmanship from the Gators, but then again, using a brain injury as a ruse is a tad unbecoming.

Considering the delicate nature of brain trauma — granted, I’m no doctor — if his status has been a “No” at any time this week, especially since Wednesday, then there’s no reason for Tebow to play and risk further, perhaps even debilitating injury. It’s not like a day or two is going to make a monumental difference, at least when it comes to deciding between these two choices: “Yes you can take headshots” or, “Hell no, you can’t.”

They could always wrap him a bubble and hope LSU doesn’t try and pop it.

Can Beanie Wells Get Healthy?

That, friends, might be one of the last successful highlights of Chris “Beanie” Wells’ fledgling career if he can’t get his ankle under control. While he’s obviously a hard, effective runner — when he’s healthy — the problem is staying away from the training room. Hell, Wells was even victimized by his lack of durability against Texas, a game where Wells was getting whatever yards he wanted (16 carries for 106 yards), until, that is, he got a concussion. In fact, Wells was plagued by nagging injuries at Ohio State and it looks like the durability issues are following him to Arizona.

More on Beanie Wells’ durability after the jump >>

Cincinnati Bengals Sign Flashy Tight End

Bengals Flasher

Mike Brown and company make it too easy on the rest of us. If you don’t want to your public image to suggest you foster a breeding ground for unruly players to thrive in, perhaps you should stay away from players who have legal baggage attached to them — regardless if you need tight ends or not. Meet Kolo Kapanui, one of two tight ends the Bengals brought into camp after injuries to Reggie Kelly and Ben Utecht. Kapanui was recently released from the New Orleans Saints because he and another player got themselves into a legal predicament.

More after the jump >>

T-Mac Done?


The disappointing year of Tracy McGrady came to a merciful end today when the Houston G/F indicated he’d be getting microfracture surgery to try and repair the issues he’s been having with his knee; something that’s caused McGrady to miss almost 20 games already. The news, however, seems to come as a surprise to the Houston Chronicle, a publication that’s obviously tired of McGrady’s “act.”

In fact, the Rockets scribes have changed McGrady’s description from “act” to “diva,” while doubting his competitive spirit. Completely:

More on McGrady’s decision after the jump >>

Two Terribly Troubled Tight Ends

Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow

Should tight ends from the University of Miami start receiving a hazardous pay bonus for their efforts on the field? If you ask Kellen Winslow and Jeremy Shockey, you’d probably get a resounding affirmative as an answer. Both tight ends returned to their respective teams on Sunday after some injury issues; one known (Shockey), the other a mystery (Winslow) — unless you are 100 percent buying the staph infection explanation — but neither seemed too happy about the way they returned.

Da U tight ends speak after the jump >>

Grant Hill’s Interesting Season

Grant Hill

Grant Hill’s inaugural season in Phoenix would have to be considered a success. He’s averaging 13 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists on a team that doesn’t require him to be a take-over-the-game star. And he’s flourished in this roll. After having his ankle reconstructed — complete with a staph infection that almost killed — not to mention a number of leg issues related to recovery of his ankle issues, most people would have left the game of basketball forever.

I think it’s safe to say running and jumping for 48 minutes can put some excessive wear and tear on leg that’s had a number of surgical issues.

Nevertheless, Hill has persevered and is having one of his best seasons since his Detroit days for the Phoenix Suns — who just eliminated the Golden State Warriors from the playoffs last night (2-13 Baron? Really?). He has a career high in 3-point attempts by a large margin at 104. His previous high was 98 attempts in his last season with the Pistons. He’s also making them at a consistent rate, hitting 31%.

Of course, the one specter hanging over Hill’s head is a return of his leg issues (remember, basketball is a running and jumping sport) and when he left the game in the first quarter last night with a groin pull, the “Grant Hill’s hurt again” talk resurfaced. Hill left the game after just 13 minutes because of his groin.

Adding insult to injury was the fact Hill was off to a white-hot start, having already scored 12 points in the 13 minutes he was on the court. Fortunately for the Suns, the groin issue looks to be minor one. When asked about being held out of Phoenix’s next game, Hill informed the media of his plans:

“I’ll override that.”

Apparently, Hill’s groin muscles are fine and he seems bound and determined not to let his injury-riddled past catch up to him. Nevertheless, I don’t recall Grant Hill — even when he was playing in Orlando after his initial ankle reconstruction — getting dunked on so memorably. Not once, but twice.

I’m sure you all remember, but if not, here’s a refresher:

Merry Christmas from Trevor Ariza.

And then, Andre Iguodala decided he’d like to dunk over Grant Hill as well.

Perhaps he needs to stop trying to take charges.

Although, Grant did have a moment of his own. Just ask DeSagana Diop.

So while Hill was the victim of two posters and his groin injury could be potentially nagging, it’s fairly safe to say he’s completely bounced back; much more than a lot of people would ever expect, especially when you consider the amount of negative news surrounding his legs while he was in Orlando. For the season, Hill has played 70 games, the most since his last year in Detroit (99-00) and has been a valuable piece to the Phoenix Suns attack.

But man, I never thought I’d see him get dunked on like that — twice in one season. Didn’t Mike Krzyzewski teach you any better than that? ;)

Pedro Out 4-6 Weeks

Yesterday, we commented on Pedro’s early season (really, really, really early) hamstring injury and thankfully for Mets fans, it wasn’t a tear or detachment or anything that severe. Instead, the initial prognosis of it being a strain was correct, meaning the results of the MRI were negative (for some reason, I’ve always wanted to type that particular phrase).

The Mets placed Pedro on the 15-day DL. Naturally.

Pedro Bobble Head