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Posts Tagged ‘Ingrid Vandebosch’

Is Ingrid Vandebosch The Hottest Wife in Sports?

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Well, looking at her 10-2 record at Epic Carnival, she certainly is a worthy challenger… and I’m not sure if I can argue.

And just think, she just recently had a baby, making her figure all the more striking. Of course, if I had Jeff Gordon’s money to play with and all the luxuries it affords (personal trainers, cooks that can make healthy food taste good), I’d look kinda hot too.


Intentional Eye Candy: NASCAR Wives Edition

In celebration of the fact that NASCAR is finally over, this week’s Eye Candy post celebrates the lovely better halves of the top two drivers, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. These dudes have parlayed their fame into some lucrative financial careers and with that, comes the securing of some very attractive significant others.

This year’s Nextel Cup winner, Jimmie Johnson, is not immune to this accursed affliction, as his marriage to Chandra Janeway (now Chandra Johnson) indicates. Apparently, I need to become a better driver… Anyway, here’s a couple of pics of the aforementioned Chandra in all of her NATURAL beauty, something that’s sorely missing from today’s society:

Chandra Johnson

Chandra Johnson

The runner-up to Jimmie Johnson (much to the chagrin of Rainbow Warrior fans everywhere) was Jeff Gordon, probably the most famous driver on the planet and boy, does he have the woman to go with that designation: Ingrid Vandebosch who is one of the more attractive women on the planet.

Hard luck about your finish Jeff, especially considering the NASCAR scoring system, but don’t worry. You have Ingrid to go home to and that should be more than enough of a consolation:

Ingrid Vandebosch

Ingrid Vandebosch

Check out this Flickr collection for more pics of NASCAR’s significant others.

Anyway, this will probably be last post for the week because I’m traveling out of town for Thanksgiving. But fear not, fellow Foulers, we’ll be back on Monday with a bunch of stuff to discuss, especially when you consider just how many football games that matter are being played this upcoming weekend.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out my guest post at Epic Carnival. I’m a newly minted Carny and I’ll be contributing there one a once a week basis.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and please be safe.