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Posts Tagged ‘Indianapolis Colts’

C.J. Spiller Looks Ready For The Season

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C.J. Spiller

In just about every NFL season, there’s a rookie who comes in and makes the league take notice. Names like Randy Moss, Ben Roethlisberger, Terrell Suggs, Calvin Johnson, Jerod Mayo, and Matt Ryan immediately come to mind. Thanks to a nifty little run from Buffalo Bills rookie, C.J. Spiller, we now have a strong nominee for the 2010 season. Spiller showed why he’s bubbling over with break-out potential against the Indianapolis Colts, when he unleashed a 31-yard touchdown run, one that carved up the Colts’ d-line and the supporting cast behind them.

Spiller’s run demonstrated his superior balance, his ability to change direction on a dime, and simply-put, his ability to make defenders miss. The result: Touchdown Buffalo, which undoubtedly rang like sweet music to the ears of Bills fans. It looked pretty sweet, too:

The question I have is, do the Bills have enough additional talent around Spiller, which would prevent opposing defenses from loading the box, with ideas of taking away the running game? That remains to be seen, but Trent Edwards didn’t look bad at all either. Of course, Edwards’ (and Spiller’s) performances could very easily be chalked up to “It’s only preseason,” especially with Edwards.

Nevertheless, the ability and potential Spiller showed on his touchdown run should give Bills fans plenty to salivate about, at least until the season starts. Then they can worry about the rest of the talent surrounding him.

Did Peyton Ditch The Visor Already?

Peyton Manning

Maybe he need some sunglasses last week. Maybe he got poked in the eye. Or maybe he just thought he looked silly. Whatever the case, Peyton Manning isn’t wearing the visor anymore — however, the trained eye will notice his helmet is different. The helmet with the visor had a Colts logo on the side, while the non-visor-ed version does not. Coincidence? No, not really, but seeing how we’re gearing up for football, it is a conversation piece.

The reason Manning was wearing the visor to begin wasn’t to look like Darth Vader. Instead, it was to protect his irritated eyes, and if he’s not wearing it in the latest round of pictures from the Indianapolis Colts‘ training camp, it’s fairly safe to say Manning’s eyes aren’t bothering him as much.

Needless to say, the visor-ed Manning was a topic of more discussion than one would think was necessary, but considering how starved people are acting for football, and considering Manning’s place in the pantheon of recognizable NFL players, any change to his appearance or his uniform will not go unnoticed. When asked if he’d consider wearing his eye protection during the regular season, Manning responded with:

“I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you.”

Blind Peyton Tries To Play

Peyton Manning

Apparently, the lesson Peyton Manning learned from his Super Bowl-losing interception against the New Orleans Saints was to hide his eyes — or to perhaps try playing without sight. Whatever the case, the Indianapolis Colts still look like the class of the AFC, the question is, can they do something with that designation when they get to the playoffs, or are we in for another awesome regular season, followed by Manning falling on his now-visor-ed face?

Super Bowl Odds and Ends

Peter King Tweet

Yeah, the Super Bowl‘s this weekend — as is my birthday — and what better way to start the weekend than revisiting the only story the media circus even bothered with this past week: Dwight Freeney’s ankle. According to Peter King’s Twitter, Freeney didn’t practice today, after much speculation otherwise. What does this mean? Who knows, however, if there’s not a Vegas betting line for whether or not Freeney plays, I’ll be impressed. As it is, I’m still expecting to see him for at least one down.

While a lot of people have been bitching about the focus on perhaps the most famous NFL ankle ever, it’s nice to see the media fixate on something that actually impacts the game instead of boring-ass special interest tripe.

Of course, considering just how much Freeney’s injury impacts the betting lines, among other things monetarily related, it’s shouldn’t be too surprising.

Other things of note:

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It’s Dwight Freeney’s Week

The undeniable star of Super Bowl XLIV’s media whirlwind has been Dwight Freeney and his ankle. Yes, the biggest game the NFL has, featuring arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFL, and a defensive end and his joint connecting foot to leg is outshining it all. It helps that Freeney’s a good interview and is quite willing to offer more than just your standard, pat answers. However, if not for his damaged ankle, he’d be another cog in the wheel that is the overwhelming crush that is Super Bowl media day.

Speaking of damaged goods, apparently, Freeney’s ankle sounds like it’s doing better.

Does this mean he’s playing? Of course, the Colts won’t say, but there are even rumors of Freeney testing his ankle in the Colts’ Friday practice. Whatever the case, Freeney did not practice in today’s session.

With that in mind, do the Colts take a chance with a less-than-100-percent Freeney, or completely alter the way they’ll attack the Saints from the line of scrimmage? Of course, most of us are expecting to see him go at least one defensive possession, and naturally, tomorrow’s results will give us a better gauge. With all the talk of Freeney and his damaged ankle, I’m fully expecting Robert Mathis to have one of those MVP/Reggie White-against-the-Patriots kind of game.

It would only make sense.

Ted Ginn = Stone Hands

You can talk about the time of possession differential and the Indianapolis Colts’ big play ability all you want, but the fact of the matter is, if you are a Miami Dolphins fan, your ire should be directed at Ted Ginn and his astounding end zone drop. Now, I’m not suggesting Phins fans channel Buffalo and go trash Ginn’s yard, but if it happened, would you be surprised?

More on Ginn’s hands of stone after the jump >>


Peyton Manning

Surprise, surprise: Peyton Manning was named the NFL’s MVP for the recently-ended 2008 season. The Colts quarterback won the award in a landslide, netting 32 of the 50 votes. This means the rest of the NFL had 18 votes to split between them. Advantage, Manning. Chad Pennington and Michael Turner finished a distant second with four votes each.

It’s the third such award for Manning, making him only the second player in NFL history to win the MVP three times. The other player to do so is the much-loved Brett Favre.

So much for my DeAngelo Williams idea. The Carolina running back received exactly zero votes. I guess 1500 yards and 18 touchdowns doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Either that, or Williams’ regular season performance has been completely and criminally overlooked.

Evidently, 12-4 records to go with such gaudy rushing statistics don’t mean much either.

Who Is The NFL’s MVP?

DeAngelo Williams

After the games have been played and the coaches have been fired, the NFL starts giving out its season-ending awards. The question is, who is the NFL’s MVP for the 2008 season? There are a lot of players that deserve consideration, even if most of the buzz seems to be going to that relatively unknown quarterback in Indianapolis. Adrian Peterson is also getting a lot of recognition and considering his incredible ability, that goes without saying.

More on the NFL MVP candidates after the jump >>