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Posts Tagged ‘Indiana Pacers’

Chris Paul’s Buzzer Beater

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While celebrating the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr, the NBA decided to show its March Madness personality last night as a number of games went down to the wire, only to be decided by last-second heroics. The Indiana Pacers fell victim to such a loss, courtesy of Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets. This one was probably even more bitter to the Pacers, considering the fact Danny Granger–half man, half platypus, apparently–had just hit a 3-pointer to tie the game up.

Unfortunately for the Pacers, they left just enough time on the clock for some Chris Paul heroics, and boy, that’s just what they got. Paul is not known as a 3-point specialist, although he is shooting a respectable 35 percent from behind the arc. Nevertheless, leaving the most dangerous player on the floor open like that was puzzling. Maybe next time, the Pacers defenders can jump out after they are picked at the top of the key.

Homecooked NBA Announcers Are Fun

Especially when the opposing team hits a game-winning shot to beat the team you are calling the game for. The “You’ve got to be kidding me” response was priceless. As for Danny Granger, he finished the game against Phoenix with 37 points and almost has to be on the upcoming All-Star team, as a reserve, if nothing else. The question is, did anyone think Granger would be this good?

That’s Amare

Amare Stoudemire

While the Suns were beating the Pacers last night, Amare Stoudemire decided he’d dunk on Greg Foster’s face and land on top of him in the process. The dunk was just one basket in many for Stoudemire, but it might have been his most memorable.

What Amare wasn’t ready for was the Diesel-like response of Travis Diener.

Video after the jump >>

Not So Fast On Jermaine O’Neal?

Jermaine O'Neal

More news from the land of the NBA Draft:

Sounds like the Jermaine O’Neal deal to Toronto is not set in stone. In fact, some might label it “speculation.” Is this another case of team management getting upset word was leaked to the media, so they pull the plug on the whole thing? You know, ala Doug Collins and Les Miles.

Actually, the issue holding the trade is related to T.J. Ford’s injury and something about the base-year of his contract — the NBA’s salary manifesto gives me a headache. Both players also need to pass a physical before any trades are approved. If the deal isn’t announced during tonight’s draft, Indiana will have the 11th pick with Toronto at 17.

The original trade had the Raptors shipping the 17th pick to Indiana for the rights to O’Neal.