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While Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech might be comprised of mere words, they are indeed words to live by. Yes, it’s true that actions speak louder, but if your actions are based on these same teachings of peace and understanding, and they allow you to look beyond a person’s skin color, then they are no longer “just” words. Instead, his speech can be used a guide for living one’s life without the specter or prejudice or bigotry as an influence.

In fact, overcoming any shortcomings that allow such behavior is as important as understanding and accepting others.

With that, all I can say is keep Martin’s dream alive. A dream of peace between the races, a dream of a society where a person’s character speaks louder than the amount of melanin their skin contains. If we are to evolve as a species, putting aside our petty differences related to race is paramount. Respecting cultures and belief systems is one thing. People should respect the differences of others, because not everyone has the same upbringing or the same cultural/value system.

Believing someone is inferior because of their skin color is something entirely different, and it’s an idea based solely on ignorance and fear. Surely, we can do better.