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Posts Tagged ‘Houston Texans’

DeAngelo Hall Is Not A Student of the Game

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DeAngelo Hall

When Andre Johnson busts your team’s ass to the tune of 12 receptions for 158 yards and a massive game-tying touchdown while the Houston Texans were facing fourth and long, essentially, the deciding moment of the game, perhaps a “You know, he didn’t really do anything that looked spectacular” statement should be one of the farthest thing from your lips — unless your name is DeAngelo Hall, apparently.

Because that’s exactly what happened. After the Texans came all the way back to win, while being down 17 points in the second half, thanks, in large part to Andre Johnson’s production, DeAngelo Hall thought it would be smart to say he wasn’t impressed with the best receiver in the NFL. Furthermore, Hall compounded his sore loser response by saying he wasn’t impressed with Johnson, or his performance.

I guess Hall was too busy getting his ass busted by Kevin Walter (144 yards and a TD) to notice Johnson’s beast-mode performance; or he was lost in their commitment to zone coverage, all because the Redskins coaching staff had the fear of Arian Foster was coursing through veins. Either way, the Texans receiving group absolutely dominated the Redskins coverage, and for Hall “not to notice” means he’s either a really sore loser or, well, he’s just blind.

I think Raiders fans would agree with the latter assessment.

Anyway, here’s another look at Johnson’s “unimpressive” game-tying touchdown, just in case Hall needs to see how completely his fellow secondary members absolutely failed when it came to stopping the best receiver in the league:

Apparently, Hall was looking for hot dogs when that happened, because I’m not sure what else would explain his healthy dose of “haterade.”

Beast Johnson also offered this telling response, when informed of Hall’s bitterness:

…if he wanted to play me man-to-man, he should have told his coaches before the game. That’s not my problem. For them to be running zone coverages like that with the safety over the top, and for me to still have 12 catches for 158 yards, somebody wasn’t doing their job.”

Now that, friends, is how you get the definitive final word.

Andre Johnson = Beast

Andre Johnson

Yes, Matt Schaub deserves tons of credit for bringing the Texans back while being under fire from the Redskins, but my goodness, Andre Johnson is a f***ing freak of nature. And a beast too. Oh, and the best receiver in the league.

Sorry Randy, Chad, T.O., Reggie, and whoever else wants to throw their name in the ring. I’m looking at you, too, Braylon. One Sunday afternoon of Dougie dances doesn’t quite cut it.

It’s Andre Johnson’s world.

We’re just fortunate enough he allows us to maintain residence.

One question though, what in the world was Phillip Buchanon doing quitting on Johnson’s route like that? Leaving Reed Doughty alone like that to cover a beast like Johnson, especially with the Redskins lead being on the line like that, is really about as bad of a decision as you can make. Football-wise, anyway.

Andre Johnson’s God-like Arms

Andre Johnson

Some truths about Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson: He’s an absolute beast; perhaps the best receiver in the NFL; he has amazing hands; and they are connected to an awesome set of upper-arms, something the lead image indicates rather well. Another plus: While Johnson is asking for a new contract — rightfully so — he’s not holding out to do so.

Johnson is so good, if, as a non-Pro-Bowl-but-pretty-good-receiver, you aren’t salivating to play along side Johnson, you’re a fool. Being the number two for a receiver who demands so much attention means a lot of passes coming to your side of the field, as defenses adjust their schemes trying to stop Johnson.

A second receiver worth their salt could make an impressive living being John Taylor to Johnson’s Jerry Rice… Just as long as they understand Johnson will be the Rice in the relationship. He’s just that good.

Vince Young and Bernard Pollard Make Nice

The pleasant conversation going on in the video happened just after Vince Young was stopped by Bernard Pollard behind the line of scrimmage on a third down play, right before Rob Bironas put the Tennessee Titans ahead 17-14 in the third quarter. Evidently, Pollard and Young were exchanging Thanksgiving recipes, because it looks like Young was saying “cooks like this.” Although, it could’ve been something different. Maybe a “f**k you, bitch,” but then again, these are grown men we are talking about and as we all know, grown, professional athletes just don’t stoop to the levels of verbal abuse.

In other news, I wonder if Young’s colorful response offended Pollard the way his previous head coach, Todd Haley, did.

While Pollard did indeed bring his “A” game, it was Young who got the last laugh as the Titans won a second half battle of field goals, 20-17. In other news, Vince Young = win. Any questions?

Welcome Back, Thomas Jones

Football fans are happy to see Thomas Jones scoring touchdowns for the New York Jets, even Houston Texans fans, something this awesome find over at Deadspin tells us. Actually, instead of offering rude finger gestures to the New York running back, I think the Texans fan is asking if that was Jones’ first or second touchdown of the day.

Being the gentleman Jones is, he confirms for the fan that he did indeed score twice.

Eugene Wilson Likes His Knees

We all saw it. Brett Favre: Knee Hunter. Whether it was an intentional (foul?) shot at the knees or not, it looked plenty dirty, and in today’s knee-jerk world, that’s almost enough for a guilty verdict, regardless of Favre’s history of non-dirty play. For what it’s worth, Favre did apologize after the game, although, I think his words might have fallen on deaf ears, at least in regards to the player Favre went unnecessarily low on, Eugene Wilson.

“I don’t have too much to say about it,” Wilson said. “I didn’t speak to him about it, to see if it was on purpose or not.” Asked what he would say to Favre, Wilson said: “What was up with that? Seriously, what was up with that?” Wilson then admitted that the conversation wouldn’t have been that cordial. “I’m being a little nicer than I probably would’ve been out there if I spoke to him,” he said.

Wilson said he thinks his knee will be OK and that it doesn’t appear to be too serious right now. Asked if he wanted to return and take a shot at Favre, Wilson responded: “No comment.”

That “no comment” sounds an awful lot like a “yes” to me.

Worst Team In The NFL – Week 4

Sheldon Brown

By now, it’s pretty obvious who currently has the worst team in the NFL even though there are four teams who haven’t won a game yet. While Cincinnati, Detroit and Houston aren’t very good — Houston is easily the best out of this bunch — they aren’t as bad as the St Louis Rams.

Detroit and Houston have serviceable offenses, much like the Bengals used to have. Now the Bengals are relying on an almost-respectable defense to keep their games close. The Rams have neither. They are the absolute worst in the NFL in both offense and defense, and in most cases, it’s by a wide margin.

More NFL foul play after the jump >>

Worst Team in the NFL – Week 3

Larry Johnson

As we get a little further into the season, the worst teams in the NFL are clearly starting to solidify their standings. While there are a number of teams that could make their claim here, the three teams that stood out this week are the Kansas City Chiefs, the St Louis Rams and everybody’s favorite losing team, the Detroit Lions. But this week, I’m starting with the obvious choice, the Chiefs of Kansas City.

Kansas City Chiefs
Are we looking at a 0-16 team here? They certainly have the makings of one. While their fan blogs are getting mentioned on the NFL Network, the rebuilding exercise continues to perform like they’d rather be doing something else. Even when their oft-maligned running back has a good game, the team still gets beat by more than three touchdowns. By the Atlanta Falcons, another team that was supposed to be rebuilding as well.

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