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Ashleigh McIvor > Team Canada Hockey

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Ashleigh McIvor

Dear Canada,

Instead of waiting for your Olympic Hockey team to justify your attendance at the 2010 Winter Olympics, you might want to focus more of your attention on someone whose actually won something. In this case, Ashleigh McIvor has everything you could ask for. She’s the best in her sport (Women’s Ski Cross) — at least, as of today — and she’s incredibly photogenic, on top of being quite attractive. If, my Canadian friends, you’re unsure on how to capitalize on her win, take some lessons from us, your American neighbors, and the marketing blitz we used with Lindsey Vonn.

More on McIvor’s significant win after the jump >>

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Texas Fan

While Texas once again faltered in Big 12 play, falling to the Kansas Jayhawks, 80-68, there was something for all Texas fans to take away from last night’s game: The incredibly-stacked Texas fan who was sitting behind the Jayhawks’ bench. I don’t know her name and I doubt I ever will, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Her assets, on the other hand, certainly do matter — at least from where I’m sitting — because they give credence to the belief that everything is indeed bigger in the Lone Star State.

Case in point:

Texas Fan

Um, yeah. That’s a really big t-shirt she’s wearing. Sorry for the blatant objectification, but sometimes, the truth is the truth.

Thanks to my man Rob for pointing her out last night. Oh, and I’m sorry the images aren’t completely clear, but that’s the nature of camera phones. If anyone has a clearer image, please send it my way — as well as any information you might have on Miss Texas Fan With the Large T-Shirt..

Another image; although, it’s still a little pixelated.

Texas Fan

And I’m working on finding more. Again, any information and/or clearer images would be much appreciated.