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Posts Tagged ‘Hot Soccer Fans’

This USA Fan Was A Hit

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Hot USA Fan

While the African winter might be robbing us of scantily-clad female World Cup fans, a few have trickled out here and there. The most “famous” being the Paraguayan fan who stored her cellphone in a conspicuous place. However, the United States has a contender as well. The lady leading this post was seen at today’s US/Algeria game, and one thing’s for sure, ESPN loves her.

No, I don’t know her name, but I’m not sure that’s even important.

When you add her to the joy of the Landon Donovan goal, and you’ve got a pretty damn successful day for the United States. Here’re a few more pics for you to enjoy:

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Euro 2008: The Final Four

Euro 2008

While I’ve been a little lacking in our Euro 2008 coverage, I have been keeping an eye on it. Now we are down the final four remaining teams. Germany versus Turkey and Spain versus Russia. Who advances? As of now, the probable favorites are Spain and Germany, however, just ask the Dutch and the Croatia about being picked to beat either Turkey or Russia. It doesn’t always turn out the way you want.

So how did we get here? For Germany, they pushed past the Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portuguese squad, 3-2 and are looking really strong. They also want to silence the voices still chirping over their 2006 World Cup appearance. If Germany want to advance the Euro 2008 Finals, they’ll need knock-off media darling Turkey. Will Michael Ballack continue to control the midfield for the Germans, feeding their deadly attack or can Turkey withstand the German firepower?

The Turkish are the surprising team of these Euros and it would not be wise for the Germans to overlook them.

Just ask the Czechs.

In the other match, we have Spain and Russia. Spain is obviously feeling the weight of an 88-year old monkey being lifted from their backs after they dispatched Italy yesterday, winning a penalty shoot-out to do so. Will Spain come back to Earth in time to face a skilled Russian squad? If not, they will face the same fate as the Dutch did — unceremoniously shown the door by an upstart team with a boatload of ability.

Of course, Spain also has mountains of ability and an impressive offensive attack. If Russia is simply happy to be in the Final Four, they Euro trip will probably end at the hands of the Spanish Armada.

Germany/Turkey is on Wednesday and Spain/Russia will be played on Thursday. The Euro 2008 Final will be, of course, after these two games and will take place this coming Sunday. It should be a blast.

Images courtesy of Euro 2008 Girls.