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Posts Tagged ‘Hope Solo’

Hope Solo Gets Her Redemption

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Hope Solo

It was a long wait for her shot at redemption, but when the call came, Hope Solo responded where others have failed — Solo shut out the might Brazilian team as the Women’s U.S. Soccer team beat Brazil 1-0 for the Olympic gold medal.

The lone goal was provided by Carli Lloyd in the first stanza of extra-time. In the second portion, the U.S. fought off wave after wave of Brazilian attacks as they tried desperately to equalize the game. But Solo was not to be denied. The game had a huge amount of meaning for Solo, who was benched during the World Cup when the Americans played Brazil.

The resulting beatdown — 4-0 — stung the benched goalie so much, she sounded off on the U.S. coaching staff after the game. This resulted in her being ostracized by the team and put the goalie in damage control mode for a few months after the Brazil debacle.

But the opportunity for redemption came with the Beijing Olympics and this time, Solo did not let it slip away. The fact that she anchored a performance that blanked one of the best offensive soccer teams in the tournament is a testament to her ability to bounce back and help lead her team to victory.

In this case, Beijing Gold.

Intentional Eye Candy: Anna Rawson

This week’s “competition” was a little more competitive than some of the previous awards. There were two legitimate claims to Julianne’s throne and after much hand-wringing and deliberations, a winner has been decided upon:

Anna Rawson

That’s right, thanks to some extensive sports blog love, the newest member of the LPGA (and perhaps the hottest) beat out Hope Solo for this week’s prestigious Intentional Eye Candy award. Both ladies saw their popularity increase exponentially this week; Solo for her first interview since the World Cup goalie switch debacle and Rawson for her LPGA announcement, which she handled on her MySpace page (Seriously? MySpace?).

Congratulations on your LPGA announcement, Anna, and on your Intentional Eye Candy award. While it’s true one of these is not as important as the other, you can only golf for so long. Intentional Eye Candy is forever. And for those of you rooting for Solo, don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be in other weekly competitions… especially once her GIS improves past pictures of her in goal. Oh well, there always her MySpace (Again with the MySpace? WTH People? Are we all adolescent?)

Anyway, enough talk. Time for the Rawson pics. Congrats, Anna. Wear your award with pride.

Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson