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Posts Tagged ‘High School Football’

Central High > West Canaan (ESPN Polls)

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The wonderful ladies of ESPN’s “Play Ball with Amanda and Melissa” podcast have a nifty little poll going on, one that pits fictional sports teams against each other. There are some awesome match ups like the Friday Night Lights TV show team versus the FNL movie team or the Bad News Bears team against The Sandlot team. Great stuff.

I do have one issue, however: Folks are voting for the Varsity Blues football team over the incredibly awesome team from Wildcats, otherwise known as the battle of Central High and West Canaan High. Unfortunately, when it comes to the voting differential in this particular category, memories are obviously short.

No other explanation fits, really.

More on the Wildcats of Central High after the jump >>

Maybe the Football’s Possessed?

High school football is good for providing blog fodder, and this latest post is no exception. I must say however, this is the first time I’ve seen such English on a football during a pass in my life. The obvious explanation is the wind of Pennsylvania, but I’m also holding out for “ball on a string” or “alien interference” as well.

Maybe it was a Red Bull ball … Because, you know, it gives you wings. Crappy humor aside, that was some great defense by the visiting team’s secondary. The receiver must have been at least four or five steps behind the defense on what looks like an obvious passing play.

Apparently, the screwy flight of the ball gave the receiver just the distraction he needed to get open. Wide, wide open.

Awesome High School Prank

Tasty Booze has a great discovery of an awesome prank that makes interesting work of a football field and dirt. Bonus: you need an aerial view to appreciate it… or Google Maps.

Football Prank

Click image for a better view.  Hat-tip to LWS for the find.