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In a weekend filled with Cam Newton and his juice, Chip Kelly and his offense, Matt Ryan’s comeback, Brett Favre getting hammered, Peyton Manning throwing interceptions, Joe Flacco bouncing fourth down pass attempts and a decent finale for The Walking Dead, a 6-2 junior for the High Point Panthers had the best play of the weekend with a slam dunk that was so nasty, it just might win the admittedly still-early “Dunk of the Year” for the 2010/11 season of college basketball.

And no, that wasn’t hyperbole.

Yes, the “Dunk of the Year” field is filling up rather quickly, but none so far have shined brighter than Shay’s. And you’re damn right, that pun was intended. Shine’s dunk was so bright, his assistant coach — Mike Balado — ran to Twitter to inform the masses.

Digression: Coach Balado follows the Kardashian sisters. For some reason, I find that humorously interesting.

After the jump, the obligatory Shay Shine animated gif >>