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Welcome To Kansas City, Scott Pioli

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Scott Pioli
The one on the camera’s right … or the left of Bill’s Bells

There’s a new sheriff general manager in town over at One Arrowhead Drive, as the announcement of Scott Pioli’s hiring is hitting the blogs, trades and everywhere else sports news is reported. According to reports, Pioli is not expected to retain current head coach, Herm Edwards, although, nothing concrete has been announced.

As expected, the Chiefs blogs seem to be pleased with the hire. Of course, at this point, a different direction than the one being offered by previous GM Carl Peterson will be welcomed with open arms. Arrowhead Pride has more on the hire:

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Herm Edwards: Master of the Obvious

Herm Edwards

After losing yet another close game, this time to the Miami Dolphins, 38-31, Herm Edwards revealed his mastery of all that’s obvious by saying:

“We just can’t finish.”

More on Herm Edwards and the Chiefs short-comings after the jump >>

The Carl Peterson Fallout

Carl Peterson

When we left you yesterday, it was with some early Christmas present news for Kansas City Chiefs fans: The resignation of Carl Peterson. To say Chiefs fans wanted him gone is akin to a hungry man saying he wants to eat; that’s a given. With that in mind, here are some of those responses. Love is indeed in the air:

More on King Carl’s resignation after the jump >>

A Public Service Announcement from Herm Edwards

Herm Edwards

For all those who think Herm Edwards should have kicked the extra point against San Diego yesterday, the coach responsible for the call has a message he’d like to relay.

You might remember it:

Now, I’ll grant you this: if the Chiefs were having, oh, I don’t know, a good season and contending for a playoff spot, obviously, kicking the extra point would be the correct choice. However, if you are the coach of a team that’s past the halfway point of the NFL season with only one win to its credit, you’d be pulling out all the stops as well — even if that means going for two when one would tie.

For what it’s worth, the Kansas City media agrees with Edwards and thinks the team is showing good progress — without jeopardizing a shot at the overall number pick, to borrow an idea from Jason Whitlock. Joe Posanski offers this:

And so, if you are one of those who want Herm Edwards fired, you probably should do yourself a favor and stop reading this column now. Enjoy your Monday. Get a doughnut or swim a few laps or do whatever you like to do. Because the rest of this will probably aggravate your ulcer. Or give you one.

Still reading? OK, you have been warned. I think Herm Edwards is doing a good job this year.

Considering just how bare the offensive cupboard has been for Edwards, this level of support from the KC scribes is a little surprising. Apparently, the key for the Chiefs is to keep the writers entertained. With that in mind, Edwards should go for two every time his teams scores a touchdown. At least that will give them something to talk about until the team is finished with its makeover.

Chiefs Start Huard, Win

Tony Gonzalez

Ever since the Brody Croyle/Tyler Thigpen carousel began, I’ve been saying the Chiefs needed to start Damon Huard, the last quarterback to lead the Chiefs to the playoffs. Well, yesterday against the Denver Broncos, apparently Herm Edwards got the message.

And what was the result? Chiefs win, 33-19.

More Damon Huard magic after the jump >>

Injured Croyle Calls For Desperate Measures

Croyle Shoulder

Forgotten in all the Tom Brady eulogizing was the injury to Chiefs quarterback Brody Croyle, who suffered a right shoulder separation after being planted by Adalius Thomas. Such is the luck of being injured in the same game as one of America’s “it” athletes. After his injury — his third in only seven games, not the ratio you want when trying to become a starting QB — back-up Damon Huard came on and was a Dwayne Bowe dropped pass away from giving the Chiefs a shot at overtime.

Apparently, Huard’s close-but-no-cigar performance wasn’t enough to secure him the starting job while Herm Edwards and company decide what to do about the oft-injured Croyle, who Joe Posnanski, among others, doubts has the physical make-up to survive the rigors of a full NFL season. Call me crazy, but I think it was the three-in-seven ratio that caused these doubts to surface.

More KC quarterback questions after the jump >>

Kansas City Chiefs Want Perfect Attendance

Jared AllenAs Head Coach Herm Edwards continues to move the crowd as an ESPN analyst, the people running the team are apparently grasping at straws to ensure fans don’t abandon the team like they did towards the end of the season (nine-game losing streaks can do that). So, what goodies have they offered Chiefs fans to entice them to come to Arrowhead?

Is it the promise of improvement? Nope. Did they offer a weekend hang-out package with Jared Allen and his Samson-like mullet (although, I’m not sure the Chiefs insurance would cover the potential fall-out)? Nope. Did they promise to at least improve their offense? No, again. Lower ticket prices? See a pattern?

So what, pray tell, did the Chiefs front-office come up with to attract fans who are unhappy with the direction of the franchise? Hats. That’s right. Hats. If you are a KC season ticket holder and you use your entire allotment, you will be rewarded with a “commemorative ball cap remembering Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt…”

Now before you clog up their bandwidth with ticket requests, there’s more. These hats are limited edition and will not be available to the general public, meaning you and the rest of your “Perfect Attendance” brethren can wear your hat with the knowledge that no one else but you all will have them.

KC fans, are you excited yet? Does the promise of free haberdashery get you pumped for next season? Considering that season tickets start at $390 and extend up to $1100, that has to be one of the most expensive “free giveaways” I’ve ever seen. And just think, you’ll only have to sit through eight games of mediocrity to receive one of these gems. With that in mind, I ask the Chiefs fans again:

Excited yet?

Hidden NFL Emails Exposed!!!

Thanks to David Utter and Simply Fired, we’ve got our hands on some super-secret emails that shed a great deal of light on the behind the scenes events taking place these past few days. Why did Big Tuna fire the Dolphins GM, Randy Mueller? Is there a reason Matt Millen was so quick to relieve Mike Martz of his duties? How about Kansas City GM Carl Peterson? Does he have some ace up his sleeve that’s helping him keep his job? And what about Brian Billick? Did Ray Lewis have anything to do with Billick’s release?

Now before I reveal some of the contents of these “leaked” emails, you should probably understand that THESE ARE IN JEST… as if the Simply Fired link didn’t give it away. Before I go, I’ll reprint a couple of these to give you a better idea of what might’ve went down with your favorite team:

The Miami Dolphins:

From: Big Tuna
Subject: Your job

Randy Mueller,
You drafted Ginn and Beck instead of Brady Quinn. The team finished 1-15. Bullethead wanted to take a contract out on you with one of these Jamaican drug gangs, but I think I talked him into just letting me fire you.

When security comes to escort you out, check for dreadlocks anyway. Chromedome might have changed his mind.


The Detroit Lions:

From: Teflon GM (
To: Mike Martz (
Subject: See ya fall guy

Yeah, I know it would make more sense for Mr. Ford to have me dropped into the lake wearing nothing but a Ford pickup, but guess what? I get yet another free pass on a failed Lions season. Again. Hahahahahaha. Take your kid with you, b****. You’re fired. I’m not.

The Kansas City Chiefs:

From: Carl Peterson (
To: KC Chiefs fans
Subject: me and Herm ain’t leaving

Never underestimate the power of discreet photographs when it comes to dealing with ownership. So the Chiefs had their worst season since Jimmy Carter was in office. We fired some of the coaching staff, but me and Herm, we play to win the game, and the game is “keep our fat paychecks.” Don’t forget, season ticket prices go up next week.

Well, there you have it folks. Straight from the horse’s mouth…  Hat-tip to Dave for pointing this out.