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Posts Tagged ‘Hat Trick’

The World Cup’s First Hat Trick

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Gonzalo Higuain

The World Cup’s first hat trick has been recorded, courtesy of the man on the right, Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain. While it’s still early, Higuain’s triple means he’s scored more goals than Groups H, and tying Groups G, E, C. If it wasn’t for Uruguay, you could add Group A to that bunch as well.

Like I said, still early.

Argentina’s display of offensive wizardry came at a great time as well, considering all the bitching and complaining about the lack of explosive goal scoring. Memo to those who are part of the complaints group: It doesn’t matter what you do to the ball, if a world-class team has, in many cases, up to nine men in the box, clogging the scoring lanes and simply playing good defense, goals will not come at a liberal pace.

As for Higuain’s scoring, two of his goals came from the header variety, while the other was from finishing a loose ball in front of the South Korean’s goal. Simply put, he was the definitive version of a finisher. While he may not have created his chances with dribbling wizardry, ala, Lionel Messi, he still put the ball away when it counted. See for yourself:

Gonzalo Higuain’s hat trick goodness after the jump >>

And Jozy Altidore Shall Lead Them

Yes, I’m well aware CONCACAF soccer doesn’t necessarily match up with Europe and South America’s real football World Cup qualifying leagues, but as long as the United States continues to be the dominant team in their qualifying play group, they will continue to play in the World Cup. Winning it — or even surviving the initial group play — is another story. However, you can’t knock a team for winning, regardless of what competition level. With that in mind, all credit goes to the US Men’s team for beating Trinidad and Tobago, 3 goals to 0. The goal differential was provided solely by wunderkind striker Jozy Altidore, who tallied the US’ first hat trick since Eddie Johnson did it in 2004.

The 19-year old Altidore has six goals in nine international appearances, certainly making him the striker of the future for US Soccer, if not the present. Too bad we don’t get to find out how effective Altidore will be until next summer. Don’t you just love the four-year wait between these things?