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Posts Tagged ‘Haha’

Where The Cavaliers Imitate Heineken

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This is just incredible. What we have is the fun-loving Cavaliers doing what they do best — besides basketball, that is — have a ton of fun, with LeBron leading the way. This time, LeBron and crew try their hand at imitating Heineken’s popular “Walk-in Fridge” commercial, and they do it with hilariously awesome results.

From the looks of it, Nike played a large part in this mock-up, considering everybody in the locker room is opening boxes of Nike shoes, but the result is still pretty impressive.

One more thing: The redhead in the beginning of the video is incredibly hot — the engaged trainer is, too. If either actually works for the Cavaliers, I imagine they get lots of attention from the players. I mean A LOT of attention. In fact, I don’t doubt you’d hear the following quite often if they do:

“Is Varejao in the training room again?”

Jose Canseco Gets Knocked The Hell Out

I’ve poked a little fun at Jose Canseco here before so it’s a great joy to bring you this video of Jose’s “celebrity” boxing match where he took on retired NFL special teams ace, Vai Sikahema this past weekend. If you are tired of Canseco’s steaming piles of horse manure, this video could not have come at a better time.

Good thing you stuck to baseball, Jose. You would’ve gotten killed in the NFL — or any other contact sport, steroids or no. H/t to YBB for posting something so great and satisfying.

Defending Brett

Brett Favre

It seems this picture was unpleasant to some and for that, I apologize. ;) But because of the fallout from Favre’s text-messagegate, the enterprising souls at Undrafted Free Agent have decided to stand up for the gunslinger from Green Bay, and it makes for a good time.

The best thing about the post is the play on Britney defender, Chris Crocker and his new affinity for Packers face paint.

Leave him alone! You are lucky he even played for you jerks! Leave Brett alone, please!

[I futilely attempt to stifle my tears.]

Someone out there talked about professionalism and said if Brett was a true professional, he wouldn’t have sent text messages to the Packers no matter what. Speaking of professionalism, when is it professional to publicly bash someone who is going through a hard time? Leave Brett alone, please.

[The tears begin to flow.]

Fantastic stuff. And look, it’s appropriate too.